Shade CityVincent Belmont

"When steath doesn't work just punch 'em in the face"

a character in “A Tool's Rebellion”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: Vincent Belmont
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Skill: Vincent has a way of not being seen. Also he has implants in his arms to make his a bit stronger than a normal human being. An example is a normal human could punch a half inch sheet of metal and dent it. He could punch right through it.
Armed: Vincent only has three weapons at his disposal. He has gloves that a lined with metal so his fists do more damage, Then he has a arm gaurd that has a switch and when he hits it a blade comes out over his knuckles. Last but not least he has a 9mm in his coat pocket.
Side: Working with the company


Vincent is the type of person who only cares about himself. If he gets paid a million dollars to puch in someones face, sure he'll do it. To him this relibellion is just another paycheck. Though when he has time off Vincent spends his time cracking lame ass jokes. He thinks that he has a sense of humor. Though someone should probably tell him that he doesn't. When his is on the job Vincent is dead serious and will do anything to get it done. When the company sends someone to get info they also ussually send him as well to prevent something to go wrong. They tell him not to be seen by anyone including the person he's protecting. The only person who saw Vincent during their mission was Red.


Vincent doesn't remeber much about his parents mainly for the fact that their dead. When he was an orphan on the streets, Vincent learned how to fight fast. He used to fight for money so he could have somewhere to sleep that night. Then one day whe he was 10, The Company saw him fight and recruited him. The scienctists and trainers have been his family ever since. They put his implants when he first arrived there, and the implants have only grown stronger. When he was ten he could punch a brick wall and cause a hole in it now he can break almost anything with his fists.

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Vincent Belmont's Story