A Tool's Rebellion

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Assassins and Killers have become the main tool on combat and war. Instead of fighting themselves, hired killers do it. But what happens when one decides to not be a "tool" anymore?

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"Ughhh. Another assassin had the bright idea they could leave Carnage, the fool. Well Jax lets go." Vincent said sitting up. He noticed that he didn't get a response right away Jax was usually the first one up if the alarmed sounded. Then he saw that Jax bed was empty. "Damn it Jax. Left with out me." Vincent got up and ran out the door. Then he saw Jax jump out the window. "MOTHER*Bleep*ER. *Bleep* Damn it. Great the one person who knew how to defend themselves and know how to escape, would be the one doing it." Vincent ran down the stairs in an effort to see if he could follow Jax. When he saw Jax jumping from rooftop to rooftop, Vincent realised that he couldn't catch him in this weather. He started swearing under his breath that Jax had no appreciation for Carnage did for them or how they given them a family and a place to call home. Vincent went up to the mission room just for the sake of knowing that someone would be tracking down Jax. If at all possible he wanted it to be him.