A Tool's Rebellion

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Assassins and Killers have become the main tool on combat and war. Instead of fighting themselves, hired killers do it. But what happens when one decides to not be a "tool" anymore?

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Annette was in her room, at the Carnage building, she had just returned from an assiment given to her. She let out a deep sigh as she placed down her keys and sword on the nearest table. Her firery red eyes scanned her pitch black room. Suddenly an alarm went off, at the same time a flash of lighting and the sound of roaring thunder piearce through her room. Annette jumped as she instinctively grabbed her sword. She turned and stared at the alarm above the doorway. The red light flashing every other second, the high pitch noise bugged her ear. The sound of loud knocking snapped her back into reality. She anwsered the door. A man stood on the other side he was another assiassin that worked for this company. "Someone is trying to escape, we must stop him," it was all the man said before running off to the hallways.

Annette watched him run, Escape? she thought Escape from what?....from who......this building, this company......ha..ha.....but why, why would someone want to leave. Annette was unknownly walking down the halls as she thought her puzzling thoughts. Is that even possible?.....UGH i still dont get it how can someone just leave? She was interuppted by the sound of shattering glass. She quickly ran towards the sound, she was so light footed her feet seem to not even touch the floor as she ran. Her lava eyes saw five other chasers in front of her, she watched them all one by one fall to the ground as shots were fired. Annette bend her right leg and quickly leaped to the side as a bullet flew pass her. Reaching the shattered window she stuck half her body out, her eyes widened as she saw who was escaping "Jax," she said to herself. The strong winds blew through her hair, making it appear like flames. Annette watched Jax dissappeared into the night. Free, she thought, "He's Free!"