A Tool's Rebellion

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Assassins and Killers have become the main tool on combat and war. Instead of fighting themselves, hired killers do it. But what happens when one decides to not be a "tool" anymore?

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Setting: Shade City2011-01-11 00:56:52, as written by Hetalia
Roy, being his 9 year old self, was oblivious to the escalating violence within the Carnage building and absently followed the stream of assassins as confused as he was into a room he had never been in before. There were still many rooms and hidden passages within this company's base unknown to the child, who had only been participating in the most basic of training for the past 3 months. He'd usually fuss or rage at the lack of information provided to his bossy self, though he had long since learned not to question the going-ons in Carnage. Even some of the highest ranked assassins were left in the dark about its activities.

Roy weaved his way through the wave of people, some running, some shouting, others brandishing their weapons, and a few even panicking. A bit disturbed by the unusually loudness of his surroundings, Roy soon collided with the back of a female figure.

"Hey, Lady! Watch where you're going!" he shouted angrily, even though he had been the one who had walked into her. Roy folded his robed arms against his chest in defiance and cocked his head to the side in order to see past the the mane of long, blond hair.


"Hey, Jax! Where ya goin', buddy?!" shouted Lloyd, his voice accented with the soft tint of a Southern accent. He was sitting atop the Carnage roof and had cupped his hands together in order to magnify the projection of his voice when he had seen Jax bouncing off the rooftop adjacent of his own.

Lloyd raised a questioning brow as Jax was followed by multiple agents, all brandishing guns and knives, currently using them or their ammunition as projectiles to throw at the escapee. Suddenly realizing the renegade assassin's actions, Lloyd stood and whooped joyously, throwing his battered cap into the air. "Well, God damn, Jax.. ! I never thought YOU had the balls!" he grinned, patting down his ruffled, blond hair which had been mussed up by Lloyd's excitement.

Lloyd ran to the side of the roof's edge and looked downwards at Jax's disappearing figure. Looking down upon the dim-lighted street, he had also noticed a girl, observing the scene from a window beneath Lloyd.