A Tool's Rebellion

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Assassins and Killers have become the main tool on combat and war. Instead of fighting themselves, hired killers do it. But what happens when one decides to not be a "tool" anymore?

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Clown smirked as he made his way back to his quarters.
He sat down at a bench, which had several tools, such as a metal file, a hammer, and some stranger stuff.

Clown spoke to himself as he worked. "Dosen't seem worth the trouble." he said, taking a nail file and sharpening it with the metal file.
"I mean, what is one guy going to do." he tested the sharpness of the file, swivled his chair and threw it into the dartboard behind him.

He grabbed a "golf club" that he had been working on and pressed an inconspicuous button on the grip. The bottom half came off and revealed a very thin blade underneath. Clown grinned at his work. "Now that's what I call an assassin's blade."

Then, Clown got an idea. Clown walked to the quarters where a woman named Red stayed.
"Hey Red." he called witch his thick accent. "Got any weapon requests?"