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Assassins and Killers have become the main tool on combat and war. Instead of fighting themselves, hired killers do it. But what happens when one decides to not be a "tool" anymore?

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Setting: Shade City2011-01-13 15:46:25, as written by RydeDawg
Dan Taylor watched as everyone left the briefing room as he leaned against the wall next to the door. Dan was currently the oldest assassin alive in Carnage and the first of Carnage's experiments to create the super assassins that now roamed the halls. Times changed though all the new super assassins were only kids compared to him who may have killed but didn't have the mindset of the soldier. Dan Taylor has been with Carnage since 1969 and was just coming out of his service with the Marines in the Vietnam war and had the scars and build to show it. His face covered in burn scars that reached from the left side of his face all the way down his neck and going into his shirt. One arm covered in burn scars as well and the other had just a few scars from cuts and shots he took not just in Vietnam but also working for Carnage for so many years. To say the least Dan Taylor wasn't the best looking man in Carnage but was the more intimidating one with his large build thanks to all the experiment sessions he was put though just to keep him young and alive in such an advanced age he should be in considering the present year.

As the last person left the briefing room he would come out and close the door. The people of Carnage would always look at Dan Taylor wondering what the man was thinking and wanting to see what he was going to do next. Being the sort of Drill Sergeant to the less experienced assassins and mercenaries that worked for Carnage. Dan wasn't the nicest to the kids either since to them human life meant so little at such a young age because of the indoctrination that made them into the little sociopaths he had no respect for. Dan was always haunted by his kills during Vietnam and it only got worse as the years went on with Carnage. When a trainee had the balls to actually step up and ask Dan Taylor what it was like to kill a man he would always answer. "It's a hell of thing in one instance you see the life he has and then when you make the kill it's gone. You take everything that the man had and ever will have and you put yourself on a path to Hell thats hard to escape."

The old Vet walked down the halls of the building checking everyone he came across and walking into rooms to make sure everyone was doing as they were suppose to be doing. As for right now Dan Taylor was making sure that no one else had any ideas about making an escape either. Being with the company for so long he's witnessed attempts to escape and it usually followed with others getting the same bright idea.