A Tool's Rebellion

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Assassins and Killers have become the main tool on combat and war. Instead of fighting themselves, hired killers do it. But what happens when one decides to not be a "tool" anymore?

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Setting: Shade City2011-01-14 00:26:15, as written by Nanase
Henrietta returned to her room and changed into a fresh pair of clothes, her normal outfit but it was fine. She carefully strapped her side arms to her legs and grabbed her P90s and placed them on their own holsters. (kinda strapped to her back) Her face was set and her mind was made up. She would escape tonight and join Jax, no matter what she must escape tonight.

As she walked down the central stairs and into the Lobby her heart sank a little. Vincet was waiting for her with a non to happy face. This was going to complicate matters, Vincent was a high ranking assassin like herself, and he really didn't like her much. Still, she was not going to let him stop her, she must escape or die trying. She would not kill Jax or for Carnage ever again.

"Vinvcent" she said nodding to him as if to lead the way.

(Shitty post, I know XD)