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Main Theme
Kill la Kill || Nui Harime's Theme
Marina & The Diamonds || Bubblegum Bitch
The Pierces || Secrets

Fighting Theme
Kill la Kill || Nonon Jakuzure

Sad Theme
Melanie Martinez || Doll House
OST || Jane's Lament
Kryptik || Room of Angels
OST || Waltz With Vampires
Lana Del Ray || Once Upon A Dream


β™” || Name || β™”
Seraphine Faye Malikov
"My parents had a taste for…dramatic flair~ Tehehe.. I'm sorry your name is so ordinary~"

β™” || Aliases & Nicknames || β™”
The Vermillion Queen || Due to her commanding and regally-defined nature, many have just taken to referring to her as a "Queen", sometimes adding 'Vermillion' to represent her underlying viscous nature.
The Puppet Master or The Doll Crafter || Rooting from her doll-esque style and appearance, it has been noted that Sera is not quite normal. Preferring to use her charm to entice others to follow her command as opposed to dirtying herself, she is one that is quick to obtain 'puppets'. As such, her way of functioning has spread throughout her community like wildfire, thus leading to the birth of this alias.
Fairy, Imp, Devil, Pixie, Sprite, Brat, Hellion|| Generally insults someone yells out when they become a victim of Faye's pranks, she takes such names as if they were complements and not curses.
Angel, Princess, Kitten, Beloved, Rose, Dollie, China || Endearing pet names bestowed unto her being through her parents, it goes without saying that they now strike a sore spot. Especially after her father's passing..
Sera, Phina, Phine, Sephy, Faye, Fairy, Sine, Sabine || Cute little rearrangements of her first and middle names, only her friends or allies can get away with referring to her as such.
"I must say.. I take quite a large amount of pride in them~"

β™” || Age || β™”
"Shame… I'm too young to have any legal fun but too old to enjoy childish pastimes…quite a dilemma, don't you think so? "

β™” || Role || β™”
Solo-Player 2
"…I…um…….O-oh! Look at the time-!"

β™” || Sanity || β™”
"Oh please… As if I would lose my control~ It would be unsightly of me to do so, wouldn't you think so? Teehehe~ "

β™” || Kagune Type || β™”
Ukaku & Rinkaku

β™” || Gender || β™”
"I say-! Are you daft?! Or just socially impaired?!"

β™” || Sexuality || β™”
Bisexual || Leans more towards females.
"…I feel as though you are crossing a line..not that I mind~ Surprised..? Tehehe..good~"

β™” || Nationality || β™”
British .:. Russian
"Excuse my accent.. I know it is..peculiar"

β™” || Face Claim || β™”
Megumi Shimizu || Shiki
"Oh my..who is this adorable little doll?!"


We fear all rejection yet crave other's endearment. We are haunted by failure yet we all dream of achieving perfection… Our existence is a tad bit contradictory, isn't it?


β™” || Height || β™”
5'1'' || Often 5'7'' due to her heels.
"Remember; a girl is only as attractive as the shoes she wears~"

β™” || Weight || β™”
110 lbs
"Some say I'm too skinny.. I think I'm at a perfect weight though..."

β™” || Hair Color || β™”
Typically, the tresses hold a light, pastel bubblegum tint. However, depending on the available light, the warmer tones of gardenia and the cooler tones of rose will dominate over another and cause the color to lean in various hues.
"Oh…envious are we? Don't worry… with some dye, you can get my color too!"

β™” || Eye Color || β™”
An enigma to most, many would want to say that they are of a wine hue at a first glance. However, upon closer inspection, those same people will change their mind as swirled hues of crimsons, magentas, salmons and shadows make themselves known.
"It's alright if you become mesmerized..alot of people are~ Teehehe~"

β™” || Skin Tone || β™”
An alabaster with marble toning of ash.
"I do wish I had a tidbit of more color though..."

β™” || Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features || β™”
.:. Birthmarks .:.
Positioned on the front of her right hip, there is a distinct mark in the shape of an hourglass.

.:. Piercings .:.
Possessing a love for anything considered "unnatural" and "freaky", it shouldn't be a surprise that Faye's piercings reflects her passion. Laced from her tailbone to mid-spine, this ghoul has an intricately crafted corset piercing with only two simple lobe piercings being the other metal bit on her body.

.:. Tattoos .:.
Seraphine has exactly three tattoos, both in black ink. They are as follows; one positioned on the back of her neck to mimic a keyhole and the other two being identical lacey garters on her mid-thighs.

.:. Scars .:.
Taking great pride in her skin, there do not exists any marring flaws on Seraphine's porcelain….and she intends to keep it that way.

.:. Noticeable Features .:.
It should be noted that, when using her powers, the expanse of Seraphine's entire eye darkens to midnight, only a glowing crimson ring outlining her irises. However, apart from that odd transition, Faye always wears jointed tights. Designed to give the illusion her legs belong to a doll, this ghoul constantly wears the stockings with any and all of her outfits.


I seldomly stop to think things through and reason with myself.. I was a fool not to recognize that there would be a price to pay for that, someday.


β™” || Personality || β™”
.:.The Outside.:.
It would be amazingly difficult to pick a person less likely to have enemies than Seraphine. Constantly bright, optimistic, cheerful, and compassionate, it seems, at a first glance, that she is the ideal friend and companion to have around. That said, she’s also a little… unique with her mannerisms and ideals of social boundaries. Not afraid to get touchy with others, Faye highly enjoys physical contact to express her outward emotions onto others..something that not everyone enjoys.

Within seconds of making her acquaintance, most note that Phina exudes a vague sort of jovial thrumming, her demeanor one of an intoxicating pull. Far more extraverted than introverted, she is neither particularly boastful nor self-deprecating and is, abnormally, modest about her personβ€”she accepts what compliments she is given with grace while lingering on the topic of herself is something she prefers not to do. And then you break the outer wall.

.:.The Inside.:.
On the inside, Seraphine is extremely prideful in her being, her honeyed words quick to turn into poison. Inwardly grasping onto a demeanor in tune to a countenance of fortified ice, impenetrable with faint coolness where most would be warm, she is the perfect image of unruffled, emotionless composure..flawless and without a shred of fear. But, upon further inspection, she couldn't be further from that truth. Her strength, her quiet certainty, is merely a barrier that she built to hide a seemingly-irreparable brokenness and vulnerability that stems from her childhood.

As such, because of the trauma bestowed onto her from her toddler years, this solo-player has found it quite easy to stab others in the back, her sense of loyalty being nonexistent. Not seeing the worth of other lives, only her own being important, it also should be noted that this ghoul displays some rather troubling tendencies to kill without a shred of remorse.

Though, what most find disturbing about this girl is the fact she toys with others. Sadistic to the core, Phine finds it far more enjoyable to watch her prey struggle, to see the last glimmers of hope die within their eyes, before making her move.


No matter how much you think you are loved and no matter how many friends you have, every creature on this Earth must die alone.


β™” || Likes || β™”
❀ Cotton Candy || They are practically sweet and fluffy clouds… How could anyone detest that?
❀ Jewelry and Gems || Ooh.. what can I say? I'm a slave to the shiny and the expensive.
❀ Getting her Way || I thought this was a given? I'm a princess after all~
❀ Alcohol || As unladylike as it is, I, simply, cannot resist a glass of Chardonnay or Champagne.
❀ Fashion || Clothes are the quickest way to my heart and the fastest way to heal any wound!
❀ Dolls || Ah..how cute and innocent! My, what I would give to become one...

β™” || Dislikes || β™”
✘ Coffee || || Disgusting.. even with cream and sugar, it tastes bitter! Only people with an unrefined palette could possibly enjoy this garbage~
✘ Attachments || A puppet master…? Getting attached…? Please!
✘ Caviar || While I enjoy my life to be on the luxurious side, caviar is the one thing I can live without.. simply disgusting.
✘ Apples || Ugh, the smell, the sound, the taste. *shudders* Everything about them gives me goosebumps.
✘ Summertime || As unfortunate as it is, I burn too easily to enjoy the sun.. And I've never really liked heat either...
✘ Crowds || They are loud and obnoxious..plus, I always get a headache whenever I'm in one.

β™” || Fears || β™”
βœ„ Enochlophobia || The fear of crowds. Normally, Sera can handle up to 10 people in a room..however, if there should be more than that, she will start to hyperventilate. After all, within large crowds, there are far too many emotions and spirits swirling around..
βœ„ Athazagoraphobia || The fear of forgetting one's self, this may seem silly to some but it is all too real for Seraphine. When her anger kicks in, everything you thought you knew about this ghoul vanishes to be replaced with a jealous monster, capable of slaughtering without a second thought.
βœ„ Achluophobia || The fear of the dark. At times, Faye will experience childish moments where she has intense anxiety attacks when left alone in the dark. To her, the cause of this fear is rooted from her childhood..and, though she would love to cure it, she knows it will never disappear.


Some people are just cursed at birth with tragedy in their blood.


β™” || Bio || β™”
(Remember that, being a ghoul, your mother and father would both be ghouls. Solo playing ghouls should have a somewhat dramatic past that tells us why they play solo now.)

β™” || Other || β™”

So begins...

Seraphine Malikov's Story


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--------Date; May 12th
----------------Time; 8:45 AM
---------------------Weather; Cloudy ; Slight drizzle
-----------------------------Location; Tokyo ; Anteiku
Rhiannon had already woken up that morning, at a time far earlier than she preferred, and got dressed in her uniform, getting ready for work. Her car was an old one, one she had gotten for a cheap price since she was saving most of her money for a professional camera, so the car practically looked like a piece of crap, but no one seemed to bother her about it.

The drive from her small apartment to Anteiku was a mere ten minutes, fifteen if the stoplights decided to turn red on every turn. Today, all the lights were green, so she made it to work early. Rhiannon's stomach wasn't feeling very well when she began to walk through the doors though. She had some time to go down to the fridge to get her 'meal' before working. If she went to work while hungry, who knew what would happen to the costumers...

That's right, Rhiannon was a ghoul, but unlike some, she didn't crave the killing of humans nor the wanting to create chaos. She was peaceful, and actually envied humans more than anything. However, a ghoul was a ghoul. Nothing would change that. Rhiannon's attempts to digest human food had, overtime, ruined her health as a ghoul, and her fighting capabilities. Her rinkaku could hardly be called a way of selfdefense. It couldn't be used as a weapon either. All that human food and lack of actual human meat made her too weak to hunt for herself, therefore making a job at Anteiku hitting two birds with one stone; she had a source of food (although only when she desperately needed it) and a source of money.

Rhiannon didn't wave to anyone inside the cafe since she really began to feel the hunger. Thankfully, Anteiku wouldn't actually open for human customers for another 15 minutes, because if there were any humans in the room, they'd see a girl with ghoulish red eyes stumbling to the back of the cafe. 'I-I need to eat...' She thought, trying her hardest to contain the monstrous hunger. She found herself disgusting, ugly, and horrifying when she was truly hungry.

Once she made her way towards the secret fridge, the one that stored all the meat specifically and only for ghouls, she opened it up immediately. She could feel that urge to feast on something living nearby. No matter how human she wanted to act, a ghoul would always hunger for human flesh. Rhiannon grabbed a package and tore it open as quickly as possible before grabbing the piece of red meat and stuff it in her mouth. A satisfying feeling came over her.

The heavy breathing slowed down, the red in her eyes faded away to their usual hazel color. The girl had an urge to cry as she chewed the food, and then swallowed, but it was something that had to be done. She wasn't going to cry over something that silly. After heading to the bathroom afterwards, to clean up her face, fix her hair, and try to look normal again, she cleared her throat, and headed back to the cafe floor, where they would open shortly.

Rhiannon put on her usual normal-looking smile. At first glance, or maybe even second or third, Rhiannon looked just like a normal person. "Sorry about that sight." The waitress apologized to those who were in the room. She was about to recommend opening the shop early before the news on the TV caught her eye.

"-and yet another attack by a ghoul had happened, despite CCG assuming that they'd take care of the situation." On the TV, a man holding a microphone was speaking into the camera in front of what looked like a crime scene, but nothing could be seen due to the angle the cameraman chose. "The body appears to have been opened, and with the condition the rest of it is in, it appears to be the work of a ghoul, but not just any ghoul, a kakuja. The woman who was murdered this very morning has been confirmed to be a ghoul, and it has been known that only cannibalistic ghouls, or kakuja, eat their own kind. Lately...-"

"Huh..." Rhiannona murmured. "It looks like they're becoming more active lately. I didn't expect the population of cannibals to be so high though..." Rhiannon sighed with a shake of her head and had a seat at one of the vacant tables. The rising population of kakuja was a concern nowadays, but it wasn't only for humans. The lives of ghouls were at stake too.