EarthRobert Shaw

Pinkerton Agent

a character in “A Train Ride Through Time”, as played by Irish Wolf

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Robert is a decently tall man, standing five feet and ten inches. He has a rather plain and comfortable body build, being neither fat, skinny or muscular. The skin on his face, neck and hands is tanned but the rest of him has a pale complexion. The hair on his head is a dark brown and kept trimmed to a few inches. His facial hair matches that on his head and is styled into a pair of muttonchops, connected with a thick mustache. His face is squarish, with a high forehead and a small nose. The eyes, which sit behind a pair of wire-rimmed glasses, are a soft gray-blue.

As a general rule, he wears a pair of black leather shoes, black trousers, a white shirt, a tight fitting red vest with black vertical stripes, a light gray Boss of the Plains style hat and a light gray linen duster.


Robert has a shot first, ask questions second kind of attitude. If he is tracking someone wanted dead or alive, he’ll bring them in dead, mach easier that way. He’s quick with his pistol and more then willing to shove his Pinkerton badge (or shotgun) in someone’s face, to get them out of the way.


A Smith & Wesson Model 3 revolver
Double barrel coach gun
Pocket watch
Ammunition for both guns
A wad of bills from different banks
A bag of silver dollars
A pair of red leggings


Robert was born in New England but before he was one, his parents moved to Kansas. His father, George Shaw was a very loud spoken abolitionist, who praised the likes of John Brown during the period of time known as Bleeding Kansas. Pro-slavery men killed his father in 1857, when Robert was sixteen. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he joined a band of Redlegs, fighting as an irregular guerrilla for the Union. With the end of the war, he really wasn’t able to settle down on a farm, so he looked for work that would match his skill set. This led him the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. For them, he’s worked as a guard and hunting outlaws, the latter leading him aboard the Northern Pacific Railroad train. He is currently in the trail of a one, Twitchy Joe, wanted for murder and robbery.

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Robert Shaw's Story