A Twisted Fairytale

A Twisted Fairytale

Your favorite fairytale characters aren’t exactly what they seem. What happens after their not so happily ever after?

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We all know Disney’s Princess stories. They are told to us as children, we’ve all seen the movies hundreds of time. However, what happens after the end of the movie? After the so-called “happily ever after”? This is going to follow our favorite characters after their movie ends to see how they have changed for the better… or worse. It will be set in modern times, with all of the characters living in the same town.
I fully encourage you to go crazy with making your characters. They can stray super far away from anything in the movies, and I’ve already added in some changes in the paragraphs. Or they can stay somewhat similar. The choice is up to you. If you would like something different, please message me and we can most certainly do it a different way. Your characters can either fall in love with their previous loves once again, or they can fall in love with other characters!! Be creative, be open, and have fun with this! That is all I want to do with this RP!! =)


Ariel was a mermaid who longed to see the world above the water. Eric was a handsome prince, adventurous and courageous. They met, and even though she couldn’t talk, they fell for each other. Theirs was a love that was sure to last. Or perhaps not. She talked too much, according to him. His ego became inflated, and he started sleeping around. Their differences became too great, and they split.

Role: Ariel | Age: 20 | FC: Emma Stone | Status: TAKEN | Played by: KrazyTigger

Role: Prince Eric | Age: 22 | FC: Beau Mirchoff | Status: TAKEN | Played by: By Starlight

Cinderella never thought she would amount to much, until she met the Prince by chance. He didn’t know who she truly was, however, and so she stayed hidden. When he came knocking, finally realizing who she was, he brought her to the castle to be his bride. But she didn’t have what it took to be a Queen. After losing everything, she decided to be a completely different person.

Role: Cinderella | Age: 21 | FC: Allison Scagliotti | Status: Reserved | Played by:

Role: Prince Charming | Age: 23 | FC: Keegan Allen | Status: OPEN | Played by:

We all know Mulan’s story. She dressed up like a man to save her father. Except, she wasn’t rewarded for her behavior, she was shunned. Shang fell for her bravery anyway. After the war, Shang found out who Mulan truly was: a tomboy, stubborn, and independent. With Shang as her boyfriend instead of her captain, Mulan got bored.

Role: Mulan | Age: 22 | FC: Lulu Antariksa | Status: TAKEN | Played by: Mashotu

Role: Shang | Age: 24 | FC: Harry Shum Jr. | Status: TAKEN | Played by: Falron

Snow White was said to be the most beautiful girl in all the land. The Queen wasn’t very fond of this, wanting to get rid of the girl for good. Once finally catching up with Snow White after she ran away, a poisoned apple put her into a deep sleep, only to be awakened by a true love’s kiss. Apparently, the spell was faulty, because true love didn’t happen for her. She was awoken by a kiss, sure, but her Prince wasn’t what she expected.

Role: Snow White | Age: 20 | FC: Ksenia Solo | Status: TAKEN | Played by: WrittenInScars

Role: The Prince | Age: 22 | FC: Jeffree Star | Status: TAKEN | Played by: Rage&Pride

Rapunzel was shut in, never knowing the world until Finn Rider showed her. He was adventurous and mysterious, and she easily fell in love. She was naïve while Finn was experienced. Her doe-eyed innocence was only charming for so long. Finn wanted to travel the world, but Rapunzel had duties in her kingdom. Finn left her to see the world.

Role: Rapunzel | Age: 19 | FC: Jennifer Lawrence | Status: TAKEN | Played by: LittleMissGeorgia

Role: Flynn Ryder | Age: 21 | FC: Max Irons | Status: TAKEN | Played by: Army.of.One

Belle is truly the epidome of beauty, which was why Prince Adam always felt so lucky to have her when he was the Beast. Unfortunately, beauty is the only thing going for Belle. She isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, so to say. Adam got fed up with her lacking personality. Now that he was human (and handsome) he had plenty of suitors. He eventually left her.

Role: Belle | Age: 21 | FC: Lucy Hale | Status: TAKEN | Played by: _Amare_

Role: Prince Adam | Age: 23 | FC: Ben Barnes | Status: TAKEN | Played by: Arithmatus

They met by chance, Aurora’s voice drawing him through the forest to her location. He was smitten instantly, and when she was put in an endless sleep, he fought for her. Marriage wasn’t easy for them, since they hardly knew each other. Aurora was a party girl, enjoyed being with her girlfriends and going out. Phillip couldn’t take it anymore, wanting a simple, happy monogamous life and kicked her out.

Role: Aurora | Age: 22 | FC: Ashley Benson | Status: TAKEN | Played by: xLevesquex

Role: Prince Phillip | Age: 24 | FC: Alexander Ludwig | Status: TAKEN | Played by: Rage&Pride

Aladdin was a nobody, homeless and poor, while Jasmine came from wealth and nobility. One night while sneaking out, they found each other and fell in love. They defeated a great evil, and were set to be married. But Aladdin didn’t feel worthy, and Jasmine was tired of his lack of confidence. They split, neither looking back.

Role: Aladdin | Age: 21 | FC: Luke Pasqualino | Status: TAKEN | Played by: Runika

Role: Jasmine | Age: 19 | FC: Scarlett Byrne | Status: OPEN | Played by:

Wendy went with Peter to Neverland, had the time of her life, and eventually left to grow up. Unfortunately, Wendy was never able to forget about Peter, and stayed alone. Peter decided to leave Neverland and grow up, hoping to impress Wendy. He became serious, losing the boy inside him.

Role: Wendy | Age: 20 | FC: Saorise Ronan | Status: TAKEN | Played by: Army.of.One

Role: Peter Pan | Age: 22 | FC: Tom Felton | Status: TAKEN | Played by: ibecameinsane


Role: Tinkerbell | Age: 22 | FC: Teresa Palmer | Status: TAKEN | Played by: By Starlight
She was Peter’s best friend, and followed him into the real world, becoming a beautiful young woman. She really loves Peter, as more than a friend, but has never admitted it to herself or anyone else.

Role: Abu | Age: | FC: Dave Franco | Status: OPEN | Played by:
Aladdin’s best friend through thick and thin. He would do anything for Aladdin, but he’s tired of being the sidekick.

Role: Lumiere | Age: 22 | FC: Nicholas Hoult | Status: TAKEN | Played by: ibecameinsane
Lumiere has always been with Adam, even when he was the Beast. So, like a good friend would, he stayed by his side through the bad times. Yet he thinks Belle deserves someone great… greater even than the prince.

Role: Ugly Stepsister 1 | Age: 18 | FC: India Eisley | Status: TAKEN | Played by: WrittenInScars

Role: Ugly Stepsister 2 | Age: 20 | FC: Emily Browning | Status: TAKEN | Played by: Rage&Pride
Let’s face it… they really aren’t ugly at all. And they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Role: Pascal | Age: 21 | FC: Xavier Samuel | Status: TAKEN | Played by: Mashotu
Rapunzel’s best friend, who was always there for her when she needed it; when she was hopelessly alone. And he was there for her when Finn left. He is hopelessly in love with her, but she is unaware.

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  • I would like to have the least amount of players possible, so I am allowing two reservations. However, they MUST be one girl and one boy. If you are not comfortable with this, then please just choose one sex or the other. However, if you can I would encourage you to take one of each!
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  • I'm not really sure how fast the pace will go. Since this is advanced, I'm not expecting having to post multiple times a day. We'll just see how things go!
  • I still don't have EVERYTHING thought up for this roleplay. I love other's input. I encourage you, if you have any ideas, to let me know. Let's all work together to make this awesome! :)
  • Second part of the password is Ever After.
  • Really try to get into your character's head. Once you have your concept set, stay true to it throughout the roleplay. Yes, characters do change. But I don't want to see any crazy changes in character personality. Stay true to who they are.
  • If you have any questions, comments, problems, or whatever, feel free to say so in the OOC, or if you would rather stay private, send me a PM! I like to think I'm pleasant to work with, so don't hesitate!
  • Lastly, HAVE FUN! That's what this is all about, right?

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Snow shrugged to herself as he called for her to calm down, knowing fully well that she'd calm down a bit once she'd left the house. Although, she'd still be super excited about getting a cute little puppy! Who wouldn't? As Paris made his way down the stairs, Snow grinned in glee. She'd always wanted a pet, but when she was younger she didn't even get sea monkeys. Then again, her nutty step-mother wan't exactly the sanest woman she'd ever met. She all but skipped out the door as Paris opened it, kissing his cheek playfully on the way; but not before sliding her sunglasses down the the bridge of her nose. She always liked to wear sunglasses, even in the winter. It made her look all mysterious, and the looks she gets are quite amusing. Apparently, sunglasses are classed as some "sexy accessories" lately. Not that it really mattered to her, she couldn't care less. But either way, the looks on their faces are quite a funny sight.

She nodded slightly as he mentioned how they should get a pomeranian and suggested aloud "that, or a husky, ooo! Or we could get a poodle. Oh, what about a chihuahua?" She'd listed three breeds already, and loved every one of them ideas. But she had to say that she liked the idea of a pomeranian. It'd totally suit them. Plus, they're so darn fluffy! Snow entwined her fingers with his as they held hands, almost instinctively. She knew where they were headed first, to the shop where that Drizella works. She despised how that girl acted like she didn't exist and always flirted with Paris. I mean, there's a ring on his finger and a girl on his arm... Take a hint, girl! It really frustrates her, and this time she knew she was going to yell at the girl until she got it into her head.

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Paris let a few small laughs escape his mouth as Snow suggested different breeds they could possibly get. They were all great ideas, but Paris liked the idea of a Pomeranian the most. They were just so cute and fluffy and defined fabulousness! It would just boost the fabulous meter that himself and Snow held. And, damn, that would bring it all around the meter three times more! That's a lot considering him and Snow bring it around three times already, three times more would leave the meter in need of massive repairs.

"Yeah, we'll just have to see what's the most fabulous little puppy there." Paris said as he unlatched the little gate. He let Snow go throw it first before stepping out of the yard after her and closing the gate behind him, re-latching it. "But first we got to stop at the shop to get these fabulous heels I ordered." He added. But, he knew Snow probably already figured they were going to stop there first. Paris has to stop there every time he goes out somewhere. Whether it be to pick something up or just look at the new things they have. This time, it would be for some fabulous black heels.

Knowing perfectly well that Snow wouldn't want to stay there long due to Drizella, Paris thought he'd give the store a call. So, at that thought, he pulled his phone out and gave it a call. Who else was to pick up than Drizella. "Hey, girl! I'm coming over with Snow to pick up those fabulous heels I ordered. Can you have them waiting at the front, please? Thank-you!" Paris hanged up the phone and put it back in his pocket. He then smiled over at Snow. "Now we wont need to stay with that flirty bitch now." He said it with a smile and a slight laugh, but he was dead serious. He didn't like the girls flirting at all.


At getting the call that Paris would be coming to pick up his shoes, Drizella jumped at the name of Snow. Honestly, Drizella couldn't care less about the girl. There was just that fact that she was married to Paris. And Drizella, being how she is, just wants to piss the girl off as much she can. A sadistic smile crossed across her face. She's learned through multiple conversations that Snow has a particular hate of apples. So, how better to piss the girl off but by lightly various candles around the store that smell of apples. She even took an air freshener that smelled of apples and sprayed it all over the place, mostly in the front area since that's mostly where they'd be. And, to make it ever so worse, Drizella went next door to a grocery store. She bought some apples and took them back to her store. Pouring some small necklaces and bracelets out of a basket, she put the apples in it.

A sadistic smile crossed her face at her handy work. If someone was to state that Drizella went out of her way to piss anyone who got themselves a prince off, they would be perfectly right. She went to the back of the store and found the box with Paris' shoes in it and walked them back up to the front of the store. The only thing she has to do now is wait. So, she went behind the cash register and sat on the stool as she pinned a smile on her face and waited for Paris and Snow to walk through the door.

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#, as written by Falron

"It was terribly difficult, Shang. I don't think I'll make it the rest of the day." Sarcasm dripped from Mulan's voice like poison as she spoke. Shang rolled his eyes at her as he continued to eat his breakfast, "Sarcasm doesn't help anyone Mulan, I think you'll do just fine." He chuckled, shaking his head as he picked up the still steaming cup of tea. Taking a sip he allowed himself to revel in the sweet taste of the herbal tea before putting down the cup.

"I'm sure you can find the energy to get up and about after a little while. Maybe even enough to sick that overgrown reptile of yours on me."

He shrugged, winking at Mulan flirtatiously before he continued, "Or if your bent on spending the next five hours in bed we could simply go back after breakfast." He grinned as he took another bite of his breakfast, grinning over towards Mulan with a glint in his eye.

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#, as written by Mashotu

"Sarcasm doesn't help anyone Mulan, I think you'll do just fine." Shang said, "I'm sure you can find the energy to get up and about after a little while. Maybe even enough to sick that overgrown reptile of yours on me."

Mulan laughed. "He's hardly overgrown. When I first saw him I swore he was a lizard, not a dragon like he claimed." She before eaten some more. She knew that she was already awake since she had this terrible thing of where if she was already awake, there was no way she could go back asleep.

"Or if your bent on spending the next five hours in bed we could simply go back after breakfast." Shang continues, a glint in his eye. This comment actually caused Mulan's face to flare up in a deep red, 'cause of course she'd caught the hidden innuendo. She wasn't used to Shang says such things so bluntly. Mulan tried as calm as she could to respond.
"I don't know. Well..." Once Mulan realized she could come back with a good reply she just settled into her blush and nodded, "Yes. I am bent on spending the next five hours in bed. But only, if you join me. 'cause I know I won't be able to sleep."
Okay. So maybe she did have a good response.

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