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Name: Marcus Grant
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Orientation: Homosexual
Occupation: Medical geneticist

Appearance: Though tall and well-built, years of working late into the night has left his face a little gaunt and his steel-grey eyes slightly bulging, an effect that only adds to the sense of grinning unpredictability that hangs about him. His nose is long and aquiline but the rest of his features are heavily chiselled, though softened by the beginnings of wrinkles around his eyes and mouth. His hair is dark and curling, with shots of wiry grey at his temples. Whilst most in his lab shun formal clothes for more comfortable attire, he continues to wear a suit and tie even when not seeing patients; an eccentricity that seems oddly to reassure his colleagues.

Skills/Talents: As a medical doctor with core training in internal medicine, Saul can of course administer first aid and treat most minor illnesses. As a geneticist specialising in evolutionary genetics he has published dozens of papers on genetic markers of prehistoric populations, focusing particularly on the interaction with susceptibility to infectious disease. In a clinical setting, he sees patients for genetic counselling and diagnosis of dysmorphic syndromes. He's also a mean hand at electric guitar.

Strengths: Saul's personality is robust and he can handle even the most horrific situations with fearless bravery, a hefty dose of humour and flamboyant practicality. Physically, he is strong and well-built and can over-power most men equal his size. But his most obvious strength is his medical training; he is a doctor and a good one at that. His bedside manner may not be the most conventionally reassuring but he is well-liked by his patients and hospital staff alike.

Weaknesses: Occasionally, he can be irrational and reckless which, in combination with his often nihilistic humour, can alienate potential allies. He tends to be a somewhat of a maverick and will rarely follow the orders of another and is well-known within the scientific community for ferocious letters shooting down contradictory theories without even a pretense at politeness.

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