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Abnormal » Places

Places in Abnormal

This is a list of locations that can be found in Abnormal.

All Places

The Castle

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         I read the message and then turn back to Jordyn... "i dont mind...i can use temporal duplication...wich mean i can bring past and future versions of myself back to the present....its not very useful...but...oh well..."

"might i ask what you can do?" I shift a bit so im standing more comfortably...its seposed to be safe here..but i know its just a metter of time till something goes whrong...

The general place.

The Library

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         I turned to Addie.
"Oh, Shakespeare. I'm currently reading the Tempest. It's beautifully written. I can lend it to you if you like, once I'm done reading." I smiled at her, then turned back to my book.
"Or you can read it with me. There is an extra copy on to shelf." I pointed to the shelf closest to us, then pulled out a chair next to me.
"I don't have very many friends here..." I sighed.

The Library

The Hills

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         I continued to eat, and pull out my tablet. I take out a stylus and begin to write. As soon as I'm finished a word, It changes from my handwriting to plain text about the same size. I write poetry, diaries, everything on this tablet. I turn off the tablet, finish up my lunch, pack up my bag up, and begin to walk out. According to the clock on the cafeteria wall, it's 12:15. Once I get the time, I dash out of the cafeteria. I speed-walk for the rest of the way, until a reach a large staircase going downward. I dash to the bottom of the stairs to find a large, silver grey door. I grab a pin out of my hair and begin to pick the lock of the door. I glance behind me to see if anyone is following, then I open up the steel door to find the Cellar (a storage room), a common sight for me. Using my power, I lift some boxes behind the door to block it, and then I kick the boxes into place. I climb over a few cardboard boxes, then jump down in an empty space. I then move a large box in front of me, to reveal a wood ladder that goes straight up. I jump on the ladder and begin to climb.

Once I reach the top of the ladder, I push a metal panel up from the corners. I kick the middle up. Once I'm out, I put my palm out to the world.

A breeze.

I put my hand down.


I'm outside. I love the outside, my best friend Melissa used to take me here. Melissa was also brutally murdered for killing someone by accident with shape-shifting. I have no one left.

I climb up the ladder, onto the grass. I take off my flats and put them in my bag. I feel the grass between my toes as I walk around for a bit. The cool wind blew up my skirt. I giggled and pushed it back down. I ran across the open field, and up the largest of the hills. Memories come coming back to me, memories of Melissa. I could never quite make a friend quite like her.. no one really accepts me, and I don't think anyone really likes me. We used to sit up here and talk about our day, and when we were older, our love life. I have a crush on someone, but I don't have any friends to talk about it with. It's not just that.. I feel lonely. I'm shy, but I'm also pretty friendly. I laid back on my back, set an alarm for half an hour, and drifted off to sleep with a tear rolling down my cheek......

Outside of the quarantine

Boys Dorm B

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         Blake slowly sat up, he'd been in a half asleep state for the last half hour. Rubbing looked around the other rooms, everyone was asleep. Not unusual at this time in the morning. He moved back slowly to the clothes he set the night out before, a hooded shirt and jeans. He tried to keep as quiet as possible, hoping to leave his fellow dorm mates, they still had about fifteen minutes of sleep left. It wouldn't be fair for him to wake them up. In about five minutes he was dressed and started to walk to the cafeteria.

Blake arrived at the cafeteria and made a b-line for the hot food section. He got two hash browns and a piece of toast, not the healthiest breakfast in the world, but hell he had physical training and individual training later on today, we could it work it off there. The cafeteria was almost empty when he arrived but quickly filled up with people. Some went and left, others lingered and chatted with others. It was rather interesting, you could see a visible difference between those who are socially adept and those who aren't. The ones who would talk with others were happy, and hardly interested in their food, but rather taking nibbles in conversation breaks, as if they realized the reason they are here only when no one is talking to them, or maybe it was just good manners on their part. Those who weren't talking with others would be much more interested in their food, playing with it, trying to savor each bit, or merely scoffing it down. It was an interesting spectacle to say the least. He finished up his food and moved off to the library, today was a good day, half was basically studying and breaks and the other half was training of some description, which wasn't amazing but it allowed him to get his mind off the fact that he was here for the foreseeable future. Ah but he shouldn't be thinking about that, there'll plenty of time for that later.

He entered the library went looking through the library for some books on physics, it would be a smart idea to get ahead in class.

Boys Dorm B

Boys Dorm A

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         Sanders awoke to the sound of the shower. So it was already morning. He rolled over in his bed and glanced at his alarm clock. It read 7:44 am, but seconds later, it turned into 7:45. The blasted machine began to chirp loudly. Sanders touched it with a finger, willing the clock to come to life. It shivered once, then hobbled down from the bedside table, landing on the ground with a loud thud. Sanders allowed himself a small smile as the machine scampered out the door, still beeping obnoxiously. He didn't care if he got into trouble. Whenever he caused a ruckus, it was only for his own amusement. The people here probably wouldn't freak out about an alarm clock with a life of its own, but it would still be funny to see their annoyed reactions.

With a slight yawn, Sanders sat up and swung his legs out of bed. He would skip the shower today; he never cared much about personal hygiene. He slipped off the t-shirt he wore while sleeping and replaced it with a large, brown sweater. After rummaging around, he found a pair of sweatpants and yanked those on over his boxers. Satisfied with his attire, Sanders headed out the door, but not before grabbing his tablet from under his pillow.

He walked down to the cafeteria. Along the way, he found the remains of his alarm clock scattered across the ground. Someone had obviously gotten angry at it. Sanders simply shrugged at the sight and continued on his way. His nose wrinkled when he entered the cafeteria. He didn't like the place. There were too many people there. He quickly finished his breakfast, consisting of a bagel, some cream cheese, and a glass of pink lemonade, then hurried out. He returned to his room to pick up his studying materials, then made his way to the library.

Once in the library, Sanders sat down at his favorite table. It was by a window and offered a great view of the outside. He liked mindlessly gazing out across the hills. Outside was a world where all sorts of people did all sorts of things. Sanders didn't care about that. He just wanted to be alone. And he could be alone here in this school. Sure, there were other kids, but they were more concerned about their own troubles to pay much attention to him. He could do what he wanted (within reason, of course) and no one would bother him about it.

Sanders opened his notebook, turning to a fresh page. A blank canvas. He took out four pencils and brought them to life. They began to sketch a scene of wild horses pounding across the grassy plains. Their manes and tails billowed in their wake. Sanders sighed as he watched the picture come to life. What would he do without pencils? Pens were okay, but they just didn't have the same charm as pencils.

Leaving the pencils to do their work, he picked a random book from a shelf and began to read. Checking his tablet, he confirmed he had plenty of time until his next class. He would read until then and hopefully, no one would disturb him.

Boys Dorm A

Girls Dorm A

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Still vast asleep, Hannah was rudely awakened by the scurrying about from one of the girls that were part of her assigned dorm. It was Slayer, one of the more vocal teens stuck in this castle, slash academy. Apparently she had accidentally lit the candle that stood on Hannah's end table, and apologized for it to the silent girl which woke her completely.

Eyes opened to the loud sight of everybody getting up and ready for another bland day in prisonville. Hannah nodded with a drowsy smile forming in the corners of her mouth, struggling to pull herself from her bed and getting ready to take a wake-up shower. Although...

The girl wanted to inquire Slayer about the time, but the older girl rushing out of the dorm seemed a good enough indication that time was, and always will be, too short for that.

Still drunk on a great amount of sleep, Hannah dressed herself in the only clothes that were at hand; A black hoodie along with navy-blue jeans, a pair of pink sneakers and her favourite hat. Scratching her still sleepy arms, the girl vaguely reached for her tablet and rushed down for the cafeteria. If she was quick, she could, perhaps, still digest a sandwich before the whole place was coming down...

Girls Dorm A

The Cellar

AKA: the basement of the castle.