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Academia Magi: Cassiopeia

Academia Magi: Cassiopeia

The world of Ascandia, where magic and technology has mixed together. School of magic has changed, and there are those that oppose its new headmaster. Will there be war?

284 readers have visited this universe since SofiUnnie created it.
Topics: adventure, fantasy, magic, magic school, mature, original, realistic, war, and wizards (Add Tags »)
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Image The world of Ascandia, where modern life has infused deeply with magic. Although normal citizens without any particular magic in their blood has always been wary of the Magi or Magus, they still accept the fact that these people are necessity in the cirlce of life. Either guarding the world circling out of order or simply offering magic infused medication, weapons and other machinery, without what the ordinary citizens can't seem to live without anymore. It is unique dynamic that Ascandia has, and without it, everything would eventually fall into chaos and from there on - into dust.

Although there are many small private schools around Ascnadia, offering the knowledge for young Magi, but there is only one major academy offering all kinds of kids around Ascandia for the lessons and equpiment to becoming the best possible Magi as one can be and that is Academia Magi, officially known as Cassiopeia. Despite being the only one with most resources, they are still shunned by people for declining quite many with magical talent from accessing their premises and thus - it lately has caused some controversies regarding that situation, even making some of them illegally form alliances and slowly starting to rebel against this unfair system. Indeed, Cassiopeia has become priviledged in last century, after new Headmaster had taken it over.

Cassiopeia can be accessed only by certain portals that are scattered around Ascandia. Some have been forgotten, yet some are used a lot. The academy lays in between the atmosphere and high clouds, standing on one of the biggest floating isles in whole Ascandia, hidden by the veil of protective shield and nature, looking like a gigantic castle-city straight out of fantasy novel. From what one can see, on the surface there seems to be no sight of modern technology, but as one ventures deeper, they will meet with strange and fantastic combinations of both worlds. As Headmaster Mordecai Cain Lynch had taken over Cassiopeia, the new age has slowly crept into the old age that Cassiopeia still has in the more hidden and forgotten sides of this city. There are many fantastic creatures living among that nature here, which has many unearthly beautiful landscapes to offer all kinds of lessons and adventures.

Even then, in last years, there has been rumors circling about a group named Tempest, a opposing fraction that has something to do with Headmaster Lynch and that has been gaining more and more ground to get back at the system that has been unfair for the longest of time. No one as for now knows what they look like or whom they are, just their name is known: Tempest.

There are different classes of Magi and Magus in this academy:[/b

Image [b]VIRGULA
- those that rely on their wands of any kind to channel magic.
Meaning: 'wand' in latin or also small twig, small rod.

- They are often seen as one of the weakest magic users, as many who either can't control their magic without it or those that haven't opened up their chakras enough to leave it behind.
- There are possibilities to evolve from Virgula and level up to other classes.
- Bigger chances of having a familiar, who help them out in their tasks and life. Familiar depends on the personality of the wand owner.

Virgula is group of students, who wear orange cloaks and hats. Their dorm rooms are often in rustic, cozy style, but there are those born from elite families that have more luxurious apartments as well, but it is generally not looked well at.

Image MOLARIS - those that use hand signals for different kind of runic markings to channel their magic.
Meaning: grinder, millstone, stone, ground in latin.

- Medium chances of having a familiar, as they often don't need the value in it and believe in their magic, gods or goddesses or in their own power.
- For strangers eyes, it can look a lot similar to monks and martial arts users.

Molaris is group of students, who wear teal cloaks and hats. Their dorm is built into the ground and mountains, but it is also very comfortable and fitting for this class. Some of them can be found living with other class students in other dorms, though. It is not against rules, but teachers and headmaster won't look well upon it.

Image BACILLUM - those that use hands and wands or staffs of different kinds as a combo to wield magic.
Meaning: wand, staff

- Very little chance of having a familiar, but it is possible, if anyone has that kind of a strong desire or meaning for it.
- Those that have elvish blood in them or are one, are often found in this class of students.
- They are also rather odd bunch of people, unpredictable and prone to tricking and trolling people. Of course, there are odd ones out, but in general this is how it seems to be.

Bacillum is group of students, who wear yellowgreen cloaks and hats; and live in forested area, where they feel the most natural at.

Image CAEDIS - those that wield blood and dark magic.
Meaning: slaughter, murder, victims, assassination, feuding, blood.

- Magic wielders, who are known mostly for their coldness, murderous intent, for their dangerous aura. They are not people to be taken lightly.
- One of the most dangerous and infamous Caedis members are criminals or high on the world' politics scenes.
- Normal chance for a familiar.
- Most of Magus are in this class.

Caedis is group of students, who wear crimson cloaks and hats. Their dorm and living quarters are dark, mysterious and have odd aura to it.

Image LUCERNA - those that wield light and white magic only.
Meaning: light, lamp, glim, candle-light.

- There is other similar class to them, a sister/brother class called Nativus, who wield light, white and elemental magic together.
- Extremely rare to have a familiar or bound companion as their magic comes from the God or Goddess they most likely bow to.
- Instead of a familiar, they can learn the spell to summon a light sprites and spirits to assist them in whatever situation - mostly in distress or battle.

Lucerna is group of students, who wear dark yellow cloaks and hats. Their living space is very light, serene and unnaturally pure. Many people describe it to be as if they were in heaven.

Image NATIVUS - those that wield light, white and elemental magic together.
Meaning: native, innate, natural, inborn, con natural, elemental.

- Possibly the largest group of students in this class.
- Also rare to have a familiar, but there are some that are blessed through though trials of their life.
- Their familiar can be taken away quickly, if their magic feels like they are violating the codex.

Nativus is group of students, who wear dark green cloaks and hats. Their habitat is defenetely in more of a hippie and gypsy style, often having notorious game nights or parties in there.

Image MIGMA - those that don't generally fall into a certain class, and/or have a style with mixture of magic. There isn't generally many of them, and they tend to cause a lot of trouble wherever they are going.
Meaning: mixture, mixed.

- Little chances for a familiar or companion.
- Chance to be bound to another magus through a bond, making them connected and partners in a way. Also a rare chance.

Migma is group of students, who wear purple cloaks and hats.


001. Please use real life face claims only! For creatures you are free to use digital art! You are also free to use cosplay, if you desire for your FCs.

002. There is going to be mature content, as well as violence, sex, etc. Those that do not want to participate in those, please respect that and it is best to ask before hand!

003. No god-moding of any kind! No meta-gaming! You can only control your own character and no one else.

004. If the character is under age of 18, please keep in mind that they can't take part of any sexual activity.

005. If one of the FCs is taken, please do not pester the creator about it.

006. IC drama is welcome, OC however is not!

007. Please try to finish up your character as soon as possible.

008. Please post at least 400 words per roleplay! It is fair for other players.

009. The one-two liner RPs are allowed only in those locations, where it has [IC] marking before the title.

010. Please reserve your face claims and characters, so I can approve of them!

011. As GM, I may or may not regulate the rules in the future. Let's hope I don't have to do that.

[huge]Character Creation Guide[/huge]

001. For the minimum age range, please stick to age of 16.

002. Those that have magic flowing through their blood live a lot longer than these humans with no magic in their veins. The longest known Magi has said to be over six hundred years old.

003. If you are planning to make insanely old character, over hundred years old, please PM me and we can discuss it together!

004. In Ascandia, these are the only allowed species:
* HUMANS - normal humans that have no magic in their veins what so ever.
* MAGI - humans, who have magic overflowing in their veins. Often good and neutral aligned.
* MAGUS - humans, who also have magic overflowing in their veins, but are just evil aligned.
* ELCRA - elvish bloodline, that is closer to humans.
* MOIRAC - humans, who have demonic blood in them and are often born with smaller type of horns, longer teeth, sharp fingernails. There are rare occasions that one has demonic eyes or tail, even.
* CALIGO - type of vampires, that don't need to feed on blood, but still would gladly bite down on someone to drain them from energy and/or emotions. They typically can't turn anyone, but rather are born due to being sacrificed as Magi to dark or demonic ritual or were abusing the magic they wield. Daylight isn't deadly for them, but in the long run can harm severly.
* FLOREO - type of natural vampires, often born out of magical flowers. More information about them, please PM me. They are my original species.
* BELUA - type of Magi, that can turn either into a familiar or into a creature - due to elvish blood in their ancestry, most likely.

005. In Ascandia, these are the types of Magi or Magus available:
* Bard
* Druid
* Enchanter
* Healer
* Shaman
* Sorcerer or Sorceress
* Summoner
* Warden
* Warlock
* Wizard or Witch

May add more for species and types as the time comes.

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Cassiopeia by SofiUnnie

The floating castle city, hidden from the rest of the world. One can access only through the right portals. This is the academy of magic, this is Cassiopeia.


Eileen by SofiUnnie

The capitol of Ascandia, seemingly huge, but in reality is smaller than Cassiopeia. The most modern area in the whole world.

[Caedis] Dominus Lounge

[Caedis] Dominus Lounge by SofiUnnie

The main, most crowded lounge, where Caedis class members are present. Sometimes you can find others too!

[Bacillum] Feren Diner

[Bacillum] Feren Diner by SofiUnnie

Feren diner is, where the eating is often held.

[Lucerna] Alqualondë

[Lucerna] Alqualondë by SofiUnnie

Heaven of the Swans

[Migma] Noldorin Bar

[Migma] Noldorin Bar by SofiUnnie

Although a 'bar', it is another lounge, but for class of Migma.

[Nativus] Ezel Bar

[Nativus] Ezel Bar by SofiUnnie

One of the most popular places in Cassiopeia.

Headmaster Lynch Chambers

Headmaster Lynch Chambers by SofiUnnie

Enter with caution!

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