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Name: Jaegar Porter
Nickname: Jack
Age: 16
Gender: male
Twin: Aceline Porter
Mark location: palm of the right hand
Time Minipulation
Night Vision
Picture: Image
Restriction to powers:
Time Minipulation: He can only stop time or slow it down for thirty minutes, and he can only do this once a day
Night Vision: The vision stuff doesn't really need a restriction
Duplication: He can only make one other of himself and the Duplication lasts only for about an hour at a time, the duplication also doesn't have any of Jaegar's powers.
Romantic interests: Straight
Personality: He is very protective of his sister and enjoys being with his friends though he is one that concentrates on his school work a bit more than most. You will know more about him as well in the roleplay.

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Jaegar Porter's Story