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A superhero with amazing strength

a character in “Action Hero Age”, as played by Matokun

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Kaibor is 12' tall and weighs roughly 3 tons of pure muscle, He wears a uniform made for him by Professor X his uniform is made of unstable molecules so it stretches and is basically indeastructible, he ussually wears a Cowl over his face and he gives the apperence of being a professional wrestler. He is 20 years of age.


He is a very intellient man which is suprising considering his powers are so much like "The Incredible Hulk's", he has a good sence of humor but this is not often seen by others, he is almost never sad and he very rarley gets angry (but when he does watch out), he thinks there is to much crime in the world and after graduating from Professor X's "School for gifted youngsters" he set off to become a hero on his own.


He wears a suit made of unstable molecules which is virtually indestructible, he sometimes wears a massive sword on his back, and he has super strength, speed, stamina, and endurance that rivals the Hulk's. he himself is invulnerable to all physical attacks, however he is susceptable to psychic attacks. He has recieved training at the hands of Proffessor X and learned to resist all but the most powerful of psychic attacks, he also learned his survival skills from Wolverine. He is also a master swordsman although he very rarley kills people.


His Mutant powers awoke when he was 14 he woke up one morning and discovered that he had grown to an astounding 9' tall and very very muscular. He was then recruited by proffessor X and joined the X men for a time, then when he was 18 he graduated with honors from the school for gifted youngsters and set out to become a great hero on his own.

So begins...

Kaibor's Story