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(Players Wanted!) There exists a girl whose love for fitness has made her an athletic goddess: however, she is also considered the scariest girl in school for her super-fit body.

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(You must try out for a role by making the sheet first: I don't reserve spots. If I like the sheet, I accept it. :D)

In Rover City, Sports are the same as any other city: people come to watch the games, players train for days without end, and everyone happens to be on one side or another. People are usually limited to one sport, and if they're itching to join more, one per season. There are however, a rare number who have the ability to excel in multiple sports. They've taken all kinds of injuries and healed easily, nicknamed 'Fitto-Jin.' They're often men, Jocks and people with incredible stamina and ability.

One of them happens to be this one chick. She's the Amazon of Rover City, mighty, independent, and loves getting up every single day to exercise. If you can't tell, SHE'S A FITNESS FREAK! She can catch a Football hundreds of feet away, and should she need to leap, she'll jump hundreds MORE feet just to catch it, toss basketballs through the hoop like she's washing her hands, kick soccer balls like sniper bullets being fired out of a rifle, swim like a mermaid, the things she's done are endless! She spends every day outside of sports lifting weights, doing push-ups/curl-ups/etc. among other things to keep her body strong.

Oh Hey: Her body! right. Well, physically, she enjoys keeping her hair short, which doesn't help her built body: She's a lucky girl, endowed and all, but very tall, and all the boys are scared of her muscle. She's not covered in them, but she sure as hell has a six pack, and arms that frightened some of the boys she's tried to ask out in the past. And she never wears skirts or dresses of any form. She doesn't mind anything revealing or tight, which is most of her fitness clothing… Which makes it possible to scare off all the men she's interested in within 1-3 miles away with her boyish form.

Her Younger sister, and trainer, helps her Amazonian Sister keep up a schedule of nothing but physical activities. She's actually much lazier, and has her sis' do all the heavy lifting while she does the technical stuff, like taxes and homework. Other than her Body, the Amazon's younger sister worries about the girl's heart and mind: her older sister has never once thought of wearing dresses or putting on makeup, instead trying to decide which pair of shorts and sports bra to wear, while getting getting her anti-athlete's foot spray on once a day. She also fears her sister will never find a boyfriend…

Then, suddenly, The Amazon falls for a young man who's new to sports (JayZeroSnake). He wants to get into a couple sports, trying to figure out which ones are right for him. He's played Basketball, that's a maybe. Soccer was okay, maybe not. Rugby was different. Football was cool…Yeah, he's having so much fun XD He's the only one who has talked to the Amazon for more than an hour. She kind of creeps him out, like she does everyone else, but if she works hard enough, maybe he'll like her for her personality at least?…

Oh Yeah. And there's This one Rival guy who wants revenge on The Amazon because she always beats him at sports and such. The Amazon's younger sister is nuts for him. Surprisingly enough, he's actually a really nice guy. He just wants to keep the score even.


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1. No Godmodding

2. No Mary Sue's

3. I don't have any set posting minimum or post length. But that isn't an excuse to get lazy! D:

That's all for now.

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