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"Sis, you can't go through your life scaring away boys... Because then how will you know if they're the one?"

a character in “Active Angel”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Nina Azaya, also called 'That One Amazonian Girl's Trainer'.

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Linked for hugeness
*Usually she wears a variety of outfits, almost all of them involving some sort of dress or skirt.*

History: Nina could be described as just about the opposite of her older, exercise obsessed sister since for one thing, she's fairly lazy. She doesn't have even one of the healthy habits her sister has, always having a steady diet of junkfood and sweets. It's a mystery how she's been able to keep the figure that she has, though all that excessive shopping might be helping, since she could be described as a 'girly-girl'- Loving clothes (especially dresses and skirts), make-up, cute things, and of course love, definitely love. Being a hopeless romantic, she often has fantasies of finding the 'perfect' boy and usually goes gaga over the first boy she bumps into, claiming that he must be 'the one'... Only to break up with him a week later for the cycle to repeat. This time she's convinced that the guy she likes this time is him, her 'twoo love', and it seems that this time she won't just fall out with him in a week. She can be overly dramatic, making the littlest things seem like a disaster. However, she's also very smart, the solutions to difficult calculations and various historic dates sharing a room with the latest fashion trends, though she can sometimes be lacking in the common sense department. She's also somewhat naive and can be tricked and manipulated with the right words.

Despite how different she is from her sister, she loves her sister dearly and does everything she can to help her, mainly with being her 'trainer' and helping out with homework loads, taxes, what have you. But she also worries about her well being, mainly over how she doesn't even have a boyfriend. Keep in mind this is from the girl who has a 'true love' every other week.

Skills/Abilities: She's very smart and can easily remember things, along with being able to organize and make sense of... Most information.

Items: A schedule book full of various exercise schedules, make up and spare outfits (never know when a fashion disaster might come up), cell phone full of potential boyfriends, and the rather fashionable bags that she manages to fit them all in.

Quote(s): "Sis, you can't go through your life scaring away boys... Because then how will you know if they're the one?"
"*Gasp! You're... You're the one! My true love! I have to arrange future marriage plans right away!"
"*GAAAAASP* Oh. My. Gosh. THAT IS SO CUUUUUTE. We-we just have-have to get it! We haaaaaaave toooo!"
"It would look adorbs on you sis! You must try it on, for your little sis'! *Puppy eyes*"
"Oh nononononono NOOOOOO! This is a disaster! Apocalyptic! Armageddon level! Everything is ruined if we don't fix this! *Shouts to the sky* RUUUUUUIIIIIINED. *Sobs*"

Fun Facts: Nina's bags seem to be like some sort 'Bag of Holding', being able to pull an infinite amount of make up and outfits out of them.

Theme Song: Enchanted Soundtrack - That's How You Know

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Younger Sister and Trainer's Story