After Angel

After Angel

In a world of humans and angels, where misdeeds puts you lower or the ladder a literal fallen angel... Will you fallow suit or will you seek redemption?

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Angels have fallen down to Terra, most of them are causing havoc, but a select few are trying to repay there misdeeds and balance out everything, but they need help, this job is to big for just one angel.

How will you help?

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I get two rules;
1: If you want to be human, you gotta act it, I will only allow a power if it is useable later in the story, preferably you submit multiple human roles at once (and play them).
2: If you want to be an angel, you either have to be a pure angel, or a fallen angel (fallen Angel's have more interactions)

Fyi talk in first when your character it talking, third when describing what their doing when alone.

Fallen angels must choose to become evil or seek repentance, I will allow the character to develop before you make a choice. The fallen Angel's are to be the main characters, they will have human contact and interaction, but must have a ark.

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Character Portrait: Alexander "Axel" Tronezlle

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#, as written by Bluwolf
I look out, over a land I used to have sovereignty over, but unfortunately I made a mistake, one that is not so easily forgiven, in my case I'll be working for a sorry for a good long time.

My name is Alexander, but I go by Axel now. I'm an angel, well fallen angel technically, but angel none the less. After I was cast down from my home in the clouds I...
I-I lost most of my memory, I don't remember much of anything anymore. It's scary, not knowing who you are, or what you did, but this something I have to live with now.

All I know is that I have to help, help who or what I don't know but I need to help.


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Character Portrait: Ephemera

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There once was a man who loved a woman, and they had the entire heavens to marvel, together. That is

the keyword here, together no matter what happened, no matter what flood would ravish earth or what plague was smiting

the firstborns of Egypt, these two were together and oh so very much in love. However, how could a Seraphim and a Cherubim ever

truly be together? With much difficulty is the answer, and the woman even followed the man into a rebellion in the hopes that the

outcome would allow them to truly be together. Of course, things never end so happily ever after in the real world, and the two

lovers were banished from the pearly gates on to Earth. So now she is lost, placed in a place that doesn't understand her, with

people who gawk and eye her like a hunk of meat, say horrible things to one another let alone herself. In the end, she feels safe,

here it's a roof over her head and the locals are fine most of the time, as long as you drown out most of the words.


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Xandriel was a name that was supposed to be respected, remembered. When still protected by divine light, he was the hand of justice, purging the corrupted, punishing the sinful. What became of the heavenly realm but a court of the weak...? Why was my name stained for what I was created to accomplish? My wings were taken, paradise swiped from my feet but not my purpose. Alas! Not my purpose, my mission! That, nobody can take from me.
Now, it has come the time to bring justice to the realm of men. Find them in the shadows, in the remote corners of gloom. There they inhabit by the thousands only waiting to be chastised by the hammer of rectitude. And again of valor will be the name Xandriel.

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