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This is a list of locations that can be found in Age of Anarchy.

The City

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[right:3ne2esgy][font=aa:3ne2esgy][size=200:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=#91182e:3ne2esgy]WILLOW[/color:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=#91182e:3ne2esgy]ROGERS[/color:3ne2esgy] [/size:3ne2esgy] [b:3ne2esgy]═══════════════════════════[/b:3ne2esgy] [color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy]location: apartment[color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]xxxxxxxx[/color:3ne2esgy]outfit: [url=]here[/url:3ne2esgy] [img:3ne2esgy][/img:3ne2esgy] ═══════════════════════════ [i:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=#91182e:3ne2esgy]"and these secrets all that we've got so far,[/color:3ne2esgy] [color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=#91182e:3ne2esgy]the demons in the dark, lie again.[/color:3ne2esgy] [color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=#91182e:3ne2esgy]play pretend like it never ends[/color:3ne2esgy] [color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=TRANSPARENT:3ne2esgy]x[/color:3ne2esgy][color=#91182e:3ne2esgy]this way no one has to know"[/color:3ne2esgy][/i:3ne2esgy][/font:3ne2esgy][/right:3ne2esgy] [justify:3ne2esgy][font=aa:3ne2esgy]Willow didn't miss the sudden change in expression on Max's face, and judging by the glance Winter gave Willow as he sat down to the table, he hadn't either. He took a loud, long slurp of his coffee, and nearly spit it out all over Willow. "Oh fuck, that's hot," he said, grimacing once he swallowed. But it came with a wink at Willow, and she just rolled her eyes, glad for the distraction for Max's sake.[color=#91182e:3ne2esgy] "Seriously? What the hell were you expecting, Win?"[/color:3ne2esgy] She asked with a laugh. "Should I warn you the pancakes are warm? That there's eggs in the french toast?" She teased, shaking her head a little. The whiteboard in the corner of the room, with her scribblings and theories still on them from the previous day, drew her back to reality. It suddenly felt a little wrong to be joking and laughing when all this was going on outside their little bubble. A sigh from Winter told her he was thinking the same. "I was thinking about going out and doing a little recon today. Talking to some people," he said, dropping the volume of his voice as he started cutting up his pancakes. [color=#91182e:3ne2esgy]"Is that a good idea? What if you're followed? I don't want anyone else getting hurt because we literally led a trap to their door,"[/color:3ne2esgy] she replied, with a shooting look at Max. She didn't want to upset her, but she wasn't going to leave her out of a vital conversation like this. "Not... people like us. We pose as journalists or... PIs or something. Ask the cops. Other journalists. The general public." She raised an eyebrow. [color=#91182e:3ne2esgy]"Two teams. Me and Max, and you bring whoever you want. I'd be happier if Harry stays here, so we have someone to hold down the fort, and we have a healer on site if anything happens. If you want Poppy with you, get Joshua or someone to stay here as well. Nobody goes it alone,"[/color:3ne2esgy] she said, and he nodded. "Sounds like a plan. Max, you on board?"[/font:3ne2esgy][/justify:3ne2esgy]