Age of Heroes

Age of Heroes

Marvel, DC, and maybe some other super heroes all in one world!

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The world is changing. During WW2, scientists had managed to create a super-soldier formula, which they used to create Captain America. After the war, Captain America got frozen, and the super-serum was forgotten as the world began to focus on WW2's other super-weapon: The Atomic Bomb.
But now a new arms race has begun, and new chaos has emerged. Super-powered extra terrestrials like SuperMan and Thor have been discovered, and Captain America has been found and thawed. Many organizations, both good and bad, are working to recreate the super-serum, with varying results.
And so it is that the world enters a new age: The Age of Heroes.

This RP revolves around characters from the Marvel and DC universe, and other characters will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
We'll only allow cannons at this point in time, simply because there's so many of them and not enough time. Players will also be encouraged to take two characters (one hero and one villain) but it's not required. Also, keep in mind that our characters are just starting their careers. So, Batman might not necessarily have a batmobile, batsub, batwing, robin, nightwing, batgirl, batspace ship.

In order to join:

Sidekicks/Regular Teammates:

Toggle Rules

1) Canon characters only.

2) Consensual death. You may only kill a PC with the permission of the character playing them. I might override this occasionally.

3) When you start the RP, you should have your character as just having started their careers. Exactly what this means might vary from character to character. Also, keep in mind what this entails; For example, when Batman started out, he didn't have his entire arsenal of gadgetry, and didn't have any sidekicks.

4) Any characters (especially super villians) that haven't been applied for yet, I may temporarily play for the sake of creating action and laughs.

5) I encourage players to create two or more characters (one hero and one villain), but I don't require it.

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Re: Age of Heroes

Brantley92 wrote:Mind if I reserve a character? Should have the sheet up by tonight

Possibly. Which character?

Re: Age of Heroes

CyberGlowfly wrote:Are you looking for anime or real photos for this RP?
Also, can we make a new superhero?

You can have Anime or Realistic.
Only canon characters, sorry :(

Re: Age of Heroes

Seems interesting.

I would like to know your thoughts on Spawn as a character choice, given that he is not DC or Marvel. If he's not allowable, might I reserve Logan (Wolverine) as my hero?

Re: Age of Heroes

Mind if I reserve a character? Should have the sheet up by tonight

Re: Age of Heroes

Are you looking for anime or real photos for this RP?
Also, can we make a new superhero?

Age of Heroes

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