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a character in “Ain't That a Kick in the Head”, as played by Alecstasy

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Name: Valentina Andolini
[No relation to The Godfather]
Nickname: Tina/Val/Moxxi
Name Meaning: Valentina-(Brave)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Italian, Hispanic mix
Apperance: Valentina has long dark brown hair that reaches her waist. Its slightly curly but lookes tamed.
Her eyes are dark brown and her eyelashes are extremely long. Shes thin but healthy and has curves in all the right places.
Since Valentina dances in a club her uniform isent really more than a few scraps of lace and a pair of 9 inch heels.
When shes not working she usually wers jeans and t shirts.
Tattos: She has 4 tattos. 2 of them are Lillies (one on the left side of her lower abdomen and another that goes from her waist to just below her breasts.) Her other 2 tattos are a cross on her upper back and a Harlequin on her left thigh.)
Image (abdomen)
Image (side)
Image (thigh)
Image (back)


Valentina sees men as ugly and disgusting creatures. She thinks of them as easily manipulated pigs and likes to "toy" with them.
Her sense of humor is dark and somewhat sdistic, but dont worry under all that shes mostly normal.


She almost always has a pack of Fags with her allong with a lighter with a black widdow painted on the side.
She carries a weapon on her at all times but they are usually small (ex. Butterfly knife or small handgun.)


Valentina came to Vegas not for pleasure but for business . Her brother, Alexandre Estrada was killed by a rival Mafia Family. She came to the neon city for revenge only to find that no one knows what happened to the family that killed Alexandre. She works as a dancer in a Night Club to gather information under the name Moxxi.

So begins...

Valentina Andolini's Story