Las VegasVervain Breaker

"Living in Las Vegas isn't exactly a vampire's dream."

a character in “Ain't That a Kick in the Head”, as played by Conversations

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Name: My name is Vervain Breaker. And what's yours?
Age: I'm 89 years old, a youthful vampire but experienced enough.
Age Appearance: I look about 19 years old, depending on the makeup.
Gender: I'm a female. Trust me, I know.
Sexuality: I am in fact bisexual. Females and males attract me.
Status: I'm currently single. I'm a bad boy magnet. It sucks.
Ethnicity: Caucasian, born in England. Yes, I have the accent.
Where I work: The Bloody Midnight Club


~My Appearance~

I reach the height of 5 feet and 6 inches, average height for a female of my size. I have a slender but healthy looking body, and I seem to have all the right curves in all the right places. My skin is a pale ivory color that mocks that of a healthy cream shade and is fair, though everyone gets a dimple or two sometimes. I have light green gray eyes that gleam a bright green in the right angle of light, but I do think my eyes are one of my best features. I have long slender arms and strong long legs, though I don't expose them much except when working at the night club where I'm employed. I have clear average cut nails, I hate when dirt gets underneath them and usually paint them a black or red color to hide the dirt until I can clean it out. My lips are a pale flesh color, some might think it's a little paler then normal but overall it looks healthy, in a vampire perspective. My hair is long and a bright natural colored orange red and is slightly wavy and curly and drops down to my mid back. I have a fairly large sized chest, and hour glass waist curves though I do have little handle bars, though everyone usually does.

My style is simple and casual. I do like Victorian clothing, even though I wasn't born in that era, it still intrigues me and at the club, I usually wear short skirts or tight dresses with spider web tights and some black heels. On the street or at home, I love to slip on a pair of dark skinny jeans and a casual warm fuzzy sweater or a light not too tight t-shirt with a band logo or something on it. I do have a tattoo, two black angel wings on my upper back and I have a small black heart on my left wrist and then a long rose stem swirling up my left calf. I have two piercings, two silver lip rings that go on my lower lip but I don't wear them as often as I used to.


~My Personality~

In general, I'm a pretty nice person. I'm kind, I love to help whoever whenever. If a lady drops her purse and her things spill out, I love to bend down and pick it up for her. If someone is about to cross the street and someone doesn't see the car, I pull them out of the way. But sometimes, I can be too kind and I lead to give people 2nd chances. But I can be mean when I need to be, everyone has a vicious side and mine is extremely bitchy. I'm fierce, I don't yell, I just glare and stand up. I don't let drama and trouble overtake my life, and if it does, I solve it quickly. Crime is something I can easily put up with. If a mortal thug tries to take my purse or hit me, I can easily drain him and leave him to die though I never feed off of humans and kill them for amusement like some vampires do. I just think that is sick. I'm just a vampire trying to lead a normal life here in Las Vegas.

We all have our flaws, yes? I'm impatient, I can be extremely stubborn and I do have a knack for chewing on my lip or crossing my arms over my chest when I'm nervous or anxious. I have a short temper, though I'm learning to control it better and the impulse to feed is becoming controlled more often as well. I can be emotional sometimes, but all females can... most of them. So, I just think I'm an average vampire, trying to relive her mortal days even though she knows she is far from being a human.

~My Likes~

The Rain
The Moon
Night Time
Long Walks
City Lights

~My Dislikes~

Sexual Abuse

~My Hobbies~

Taking Long walks
Hanging with friends
Reading books
Writing stories
Working at the club
Alone time
Collecting things

So begins...

Vervain Breaker's Story