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Where Mammon conducts important business and some of his best men hang out. The Entire floor is one large room and has large wall windows so Mammon can look over his kingdom.

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Mammon's Office Floor. is a part of 7 Levels Casino.


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This Floor is one entire room where all the walls are really windows and Mammon can over look Las Vegas. This is the top floor. If you find mammon in this room you'll usually find him sitting at the large oak desk in the large red leather chair. If he finds you sitting in his chair their will be hell to pay.
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The Main Office Floor in the 7 Levels Casino and Hotel was one of the nicest and biggest Office rooms in all of vegas, which seemed to reflect Mammon's vain ego. The room itself was the entire top floor with windows that replaced all the walls so that Mammon could overlook his empire. His own slice of paradise in the vast Mojave Desert that was all around it. The Floors to the room where a black polished marble with a few red chair and couches that near the windows for his top people to sit if they found themselves in this room. A few feet in front of the back window sat Mammon's large oak desk with the red leather chair tucked into it.

Mammon himself looked out the window smoking his cigarette and admiring the bright flashing lights on the Vegas Strip. He was dressed in a black suit, tie and fedora with a white button up shirt. His appearance gave anyone that looked at him that Old Vegas vide when Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin were alive and kicking at the doors of the 7 levels Casino themselves. Mammon inhaled a large puff of his cigarette as he closed his eyes then exhaled a large cloud of smoke smoothly. Opening his eyes he gave Las Vegas, his town, a smile. He built this Empire that expanded even around the world in different places and he felt Damn proud of his desert jewel. Mammon gave his cigarette a few more quick puffs then turned around snuffing it out in the ash tray on his desk. He made his way to his elevators to go check things out in the Casino. His dress shoes' clacking echoing thru the entire room.