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This is Vegas, Baby. And it's a real Gas, you dig? Come for gambling, fun, entertainment? Bam. Everything you could ever want is here. Just be careful around these parts theres one man that owns this town and he's a real devil.

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Setting: Las Vegas2010-11-05 21:39:33, as written by Alecstasy
Valentina looked around the corner of her apartment building and saw what she was waiting for. A tall man with women and bodyguards surrounding him as they walked out of the Casino.
"That’s him…” Valentina whispered to herself.
She buttoned up her treanchcoat more so it would hide her "Uniform", then looked at her watch. It was almost nine. She had a long walk to work and she would be late for not walking sooner.
Her revolver, which she had strapped against her left thigh felt unusually warm in the anticipation. She sighed and stepped out of the shadows into the neon street lights.
Her dark brown hair swayed as she walked, following this strange man down the street. Of course, she kept a safe distance. She didn’t want to arouse any suspicion.
Her heels clicked against the sidewalk and the tall man turned his head to look at her.
Valentina smiled suggestively at him and winked. He smiled back then turned as he and the group crossed the street.
She looked ahead and saw a couple sitting on a bench. Suddenly the man stood up quickly and ran towards Valentinas target.
'What is he doing?' Valentina thought picking up her pace.
She reached for the special and glared at the running man.
“Damn it, Damn it, Damn it!” She yelled chasing after the man
The man took aim and shot her target in the leg then began to unload onto the victim.
Valentina scowled.
‘Charlie said that guy knew everything!’ She mentally screamed.
After the killer began to walk away Valentina quietly followed him. Once she was close enough she put her gun to the back of his head and said;
“Drop all your weapons and put your hands in the air.”