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This is Vegas, Baby. And it's a real Gas, you dig? Come for gambling, fun, entertainment? Bam. Everything you could ever want is here. Just be careful around these parts theres one man that owns this town and he's a real devil.

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"I doubt you'd want me to do that." Replied Johnny. "These Fists have seen more than you can imagine."

He was about to drop his gun-

Naw, forget that. He threw it into Valentina's face, missing, but striking her arm with his index and middle fingers together, before jumping back. Even if he'd miss, the Weight of the gun, Just barely close to a ton, was already giving Johnny some bad Fatigue, and a painful wrist from using it.

Electricity of some form enveloped Valentina's arm, as her gun pointed at herself. Her body was acting on its own.

"Go Ahead." Said Johnny, with a now serious look at his face. "Use your Gun, if you think it'll help. This'll hurt me more than it hurts you, kid. A Pretty Dame like yourself should be thankful. You musta went through alotta trouble, so you can take the credit for the kill. As for me, I got other things to do."

He put his Magnum back into his hidden chest holster, and walked off, hands in pockets.