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This is Vegas, Baby. And it's a real Gas, you dig? Come for gambling, fun, entertainment? Bam. Everything you could ever want is here. Just be careful around these parts theres one man that owns this town and he's a real devil.

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Johnny snatched her arm before she could do any more.

"If it means that much, It'll wear off. I only struck your Hidden Vital Point for a temporary shot."

He took out a cigarette, and lit it up.

"Anyway, The kill was my Job. But I wanted to stay in town for vacation after seeing the sights *cough* my first time here *cough* I figure you could take the blame, I bail you out, and we can live happily ever after!"

Sirens sounded nearby.

"Fuck! C'mon!"

He snatched her by the hand, and took her into an open manhole cover.

"Right....know anywhere to crash at?" He asked. "I think if We head south, we could head into a safehouse in the desert, or somethin..."