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This is Vegas, Baby. And it's a real Gas, you dig? Come for gambling, fun, entertainment? Bam. Everything you could ever want is here. Just be careful around these parts theres one man that owns this town and he's a real devil.

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Joey smiled when Johnny dissapeared into the darkness leaving Valentina all by herself. She looked around in panic for Johnny. Joseph moved closer to her. He made one footstep too loud and she turned around reaching into her coat for something.

He saw the whole thing earlier. He knew her gun was in there. His smile grew wider, he loved a challenge.

He quietly raised his arms and took one step closer to her. Now he was right behind her and she didn't even know it.

"Hey, Doll." He said creepily.

He heard her gasp, and befor she could do anything he wrapped his arms around Valentina and covered her mouth.

"Don't struggle, dear, it'll all be over soon"