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This is Vegas, Baby. And it's a real Gas, you dig? Come for gambling, fun, entertainment? Bam. Everything you could ever want is here. Just be careful around these parts theres one man that owns this town and he's a real devil.

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[[gah, sorry! I really can't read sometimes.]]
Jessica slowly removed her high heel from his back, but kept the gun pointed at him. "You couldn't hurt me if you tried." Jessica taunted. She took a glance at Valentina, still wondering why she was protecting her. But oh well. Where was Johnny, anyway? Wasn't he her new protector?

"I suggest you not piss me off dude, because I have the cops around my middle finger." Jessica informed him, smirking in the darkness of the hole. She felt weird wearing her super sexy leopard dress in a manhole underground. Hm. Too late to change now, she thought.