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When Light and Drakness collide, whose to pay the price?

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When another dimension happens upon the entrance to our dimension, what will happen? The other dimension, The 'Dark World', is highly practiced in alchemy. They also look similar to humans, but they have odd colors of hair and eyes. Some of them have tattoos, and such.

(The actual introduction..)

When the Dark World enters our dimension, the 'Light World', how will the old beings from the other dimension react? They escaped to our dimension for the reasons of different beliefs. They believed that Alchemy is best used in a way to help others, while others thought Alchemy was best used for the destruction of things. The good people of the Dark World selected a fewof its best, young alchemists to send into the other world. They were teens, and were still learning the ways of life. They adapted to the life of the Light World, accepting it and its flaws. They are reborn, again and again. Taking on the same form every time they are born.

A few hundred years later, in the year of 2o1o in the Light World, year 1o5o in the Dark World, the Dark World discovers the entrance to the Light World. A endless hole surrounded by a castle nobody dares to even look at. The leader of the Dark World decides to send a few of its best, young Alchemists as well. They went in one by one, 4 in total. 2 boys, 2 girls. They had taken on human forms, still having a few of their original traits.

They are taken in by some families and immediately enrolled ina school made for good looking, rich kids. By complete coinendence, they had been enrolled in the same school as the targets of their mission. The old beings of the Dark World.

The powers of the Reborn beings (The old Dark World people) had been limited upon entering the Light world, but now are released upon the arrivial of the new beings. By that single out-of-the-oridinary, they know that somethings up. And intend to protect the Light World.


Character Sheets
Dark World Beings

Name: (Human Name)
Original Name: (Name from the Dark World)
Appearance: (Human)
Original Appearance: (From the Dark World)
Alchemy Specializations: (Any form of Alchemy you have mastered)
Weapon:(If you have one)
Bio:(If you have one)
Theme Song: (Something that gives people an idea about how they act)
Extras: (Likes, dis-likes, etc..)


Special Skills:
Theme Song:

This is kind of a mix between Black Rock Shooter, FMA, and something else that I don't really remember.. But Anime pics please! And the Dark World is kinda like the FMA dimension. Their technology is WAYYYYYYYYYYY behind, so yea. They don't even know how to open a juice box. So to the humans, it's like they have amnesia or something.. And the Reborn beings are a small group as well. 4 teens, 2 boys, 2 girls. So like 8 Dark World beings in all...? But remember, we NEED humans too. For romance and stuff...


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Character Portrait: Mizuki, Yuki (Blue Flame) A new Dark World being, who has come to destroy the Reborn Beings.

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