WonderlandMad Hatter

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

a character in “Alice in Wonderland: The Black King”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Hatter is still the same happy chipper, and crazy person, yet at times he can be very serious. He still is devoted to the White Queen and hopes that Alice will one day return to save Underland once again, though this time he has no idea what the White Queen will do to get her back home if Alice wanted to return. He really just wants everything to be right again in the world and have the White Queen in power once again.


A sword
Or uses whatever he can that could be used as a weapon


When Alice had left from her second trip to wonderland, he had been put as the royal hatter and a royal guard. He just hung out with the same group he used to hang out with, thinking that Alice would never need to come back now. He still enjoyed the occasional tea party but he didn't have one everyday like he always did. Hatter had an important job now, and he was back doing what he loved with the same thing he always wanted to do. Then the Black King came and captured the White Queen, he was quickly to get out of the place and get to a safe place. He immediately thought that they would once again need Alice, of course at first he didn't want to force her to come back as it didn't seem necessary, until all hop was lost and there was that other Alice. Hatter knew that wasn't the real Alice and decided that this was pushing it so he was quick to try and convince the White Rabbit of going and getting Alice once again, as it seemed the White Rabbit was the only one that was able to go between Underland and where ever Alice lived.

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Mad Hatter's Story