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Two Stars

a character in “Alien Academy”, as played by LovelyLisey

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Name: Wednesday Williams
Age: 23
Abilities: Wednesday can create invisible force fields.
Star Rank: Two stars.

Wednesday has punk sensibilities, which lead her to dye her hair two different shades of bright pink and purple (she’s a natural blond). She likes to wear extravagant outfits of the Gothic Lolita variety. She has blue eyes. Physically, she looks much younger than she actually is, although her demeanor is more like that of an old biddy, so somehow she manages to not appear that young to people that she encounters. She has a star on her right ankle and another star on her upper left shoulder.


How many ways can you articulate that someone is pure evil incarnate? Okay, that might be a bit much, but Wednesday is not exactly the nicest young lady out there. She’s extremely selfish. She’s power hungry. She always has an angle. If she doesn’t have an angle, then that’s some kind of an angle.


Wednesday grew up in a small Midwestern town, and she learned about abilities when she was fairly young, when she somewhat accidentally saved a little boy about to be run over by a car by putting up a force field just in time (and completely destroying the car and breaking both arms of the driver). After a while, people in her hometown began to believe in her powers and even to worship her. Of course, she was scoffed at nationally, but that didn’t stop a small cult of worshipers from popping up in her hometown.

It is therefore safe to say that Wednesday grew up extremely spoiled. She believes that she is special, chosen, and that she is entitled to the best of everything. When she got the invitation to the academy, she considered it an opportunity to become a leader on a much larger scale. She was therefore incredibly disheartened to find that she had been given only two stars.

Otherwise, however, Wednesday isn’t too concerned by the situation. She considers it to be a test of her abilities – in particular, her leadership abilities. Stars be damned, Wednesday is going to find a way to run this whole Alien Academy show.

And then,

The world.

So begins...

Wednesday Williams's Story