Colonial Ship OdysseyLara Telmarine

One of the crew's female mechanics, she has no trouble fitting in with the guys.

a character in “Aliens: Plight of the Odyssey”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Name: Laurana 'Lara' Telmarine
Age: 25
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
-Eye Color: Dark Brown
-Hair Color: Dark Brown
-Hair Style: Brushed loose and quite curly, just below the shoulders.
-Height: 5"6
-Weight: 120 lbs
-Other Features: Long scar on her chest where she had heart surgery as a child.
Occupation: Mechanic
Hobbies: Reading, boxing, playing video games, watching movies, anything to do with mechanics.
Likes: Men and women, fighting, mechanics, drinking.
Dislikes: Dresses, make-up, girly-girls.
Strengths: Fearless and inventive, can keep her head in times of stress and use anything around her as a weapon.
Weaknesses: Very proud and stubborn, won't admit when she needs help.
*Misc: Whenever she fixes things they stay fixed for a long time, she prefers to spend a long time on something to make it last rather than making lots of little quick jobs, making her the most efficient mechanic on the ship.


Personality: Lara is a typical tough tomboy, although she still has her feminine charms when she needs them. She can be very sarcastic with a sharp sense of humour, meaning she can easily take any stick from the guys. In fact, Lara is basically just one of the guys and finds she gets on better with them than she does other girls. Despite all this she likes a good 'one-nighter' just as well as anyone else, although she is deeply insecure about having a proper relationship because of her stubborness and insatiable sense of pride, the hardest thing for Lara is to admit she actually needs some help.


History/Background: Lara grew up in quite a wealthy family and for a long time was a typical young rich girl, spending time with her friends and her parents, never being expected to do things herself. But when a genetic disease attacked her heart when she was 9 years old, she had to have surgery. During this time she was treated like a china doll and quite frankly she hated feeling so fragile. As soon as the surgery was over, she completely changed her attitude, never wanting to feel that way again. She moved to live with her uncle, who worked as a car mechanic, and started spending alot of her time with her male cousins. Soon she became a complete tomboy, learning all there was to know about mechanics and taking up boxing. She even insisted on everyone calling her Lara instead of Laurana, believing the feminity of her name made people assume she was weak. She took an advanced engineering course at university and attracted the attention of the UFE, who recruited her as one of the mechanics on Colonization Ship Odyssey. This was the perfect opportunity for her to prove herself so of course Lara jumped at it. The genetic disease still lies dormant in her body and can activate at any given time, making her slightly on edge all the time.

So begins...

Lara Telmarine's Story