AlionyaReala Shadowstone

"Darkness is my addiction... but evil is not my master..."

a character in “Alionya's Heir”, as played by angelwolfchild

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Reala is 21 years old. She stands at about 5"11 with a very slender physique. Despite how slender and fragile she appears, Reala is alot stronger than she looks and very agile. She often wears a black body-suit, tall black boots and a long black coat. Her hair is black and goes down to her shoulders, framing her feature's elegantly, and she has pure white skin. Her eyes are a pale blue and she wears blue eyeshadow around them.


Reala is very reserved, even cold at times, around other people. She is extremely intelligent and logical, although she often relies on instinct to get what she wants or what she needs. When dealing with customers, she does not give any expression whatsoever. In fact, she doesn't show her emotion unless she is fulfilling her own personal addiction... people's inner darkness, the one thing the Regent can blackmail her with if she ever showed disloyalty. However deep down she does have a sensitive side, one that only a few people even know is there.


She carries several knives upon her person, as well as a weapon known only to the Wraith. It appears to be like a gun, rare enough on it's own, but instead of killing people it brings the darkest fears of the one it strikes to the surface, leaving them extremely vulnerable and practically unable to fight.


Reala is a Wraith, part of a race that everyone knows to fear but not everyone knows why. The truth is, Wraith are the drug traders of magic, harvesting pure emotions to create powders and liquids other races may use for recreation. For a long time the Wraith were not permitted to live in Alionya but when the Regent took over it was his sadistic nature that brought them here. Reala, one of the most skilled of her race despite her youth, was particularly gifted at acquiring fear, pain and death... three things that such a nature would desire. It was through this she became known to the Regent, becoming his personal assassin not only because of her skills as a killer, but because she would find use for the body left behind. However, Reala has recently been doubting her own loyalty, even for a Wraith she feels the Regent is taking things too far. Like all Wraith she has her own personal addiction, people's inner darkness, something which is almost impossible to harvest. The Regent knows this, giving him something to use against her should she ever make her doubts obvious. When rumours of the princess circulate the kingdom, it is Reala who is first sent to kill her. But partially through a nagging guilt at what she has been doing for the Regent, and partially for her reluctance to kill the young girl, she ends up pretending to help her, hoping to find some way to get the princess to trust her long enough so she can escape and leave the kingdom forever.

So begins...

Reala Shadowstone's Story