Realistic RoleplayMalka Elane Henniger

"My bandmates are like family to me. Mess with them and you have to deal with me!"

a character in “All about the Music”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Full Name: Malka Elane Henniger

Nickname: Mally, Ele, or Henger.

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight



Interests: Family, friends, making new friends, decorating.

Likes: Holidays, especially Christmas, being close to friends, taking care of others, being herself

Dislikes: People who are party-poopers, fake friends, not being able to help, having to pretend about how she feels, people hiding things from her

Fears: Not being able to help her friends or family, especially when they hide things from her and something is clearly wrong.

Personality: Malka is someone that values family and traditional values, and simply has no respect for anyone that doesn’t respect her or their family or values material things more than family and friends. She’s very friendly and loves to make friends, no matter who you are, and will often, have her other friends meet each other all the time and try to make sure no one is jealous. She will actively protect and stand up for her family, friends, and band mates if they’re threatened. She’s also a bit motherly.

She’s very passionate about what she feels and won’t spare a thought about hiding her feelings, though she won’t be harsh and will often sugar-coat things, but if you still don’t get it or if you happen to get on her nerves, then she’ll just tell you without the sugar coating. She might easily misunderstand things and will have a fit until she’s calm again and when you can explain about what’s happening. She obviously won’t trust shady characters, but you can fool her easily if you keep a affable smile on your face and if you fool her long enough, she won’t even believe that you could do anything wrong or even fool her.

She’s eager to please as she will often do errands or do things for them, not that she minds, as she really enjoys helping others. She’ll often go with what other people want to do, though she will state what she wants to do, if she does want to do something else. However, she will openly object to something that goes against her morals. She hates it when people hide things from others and won’t do the same to others, though she may have a tough time accepting the truth once she finds out.

She’s also very festive, if a holiday is coming up, even a minor one; she’ll often decorate their touring bus/whatever they’re traveling in according to the holiday and encourage others to celebrate it. She’ll even beg the other band members with puppy dog eyes if they don’t want to celebrate with her.


History: Malka was raised in a rather traditional, close nit family that was also sort of large. She had five siblings, two that are now grown up and going to college, two that are now in high school, and one that’s still in middle school. She also has two sets of grand-parents, four uncles and aunts, and three cousins. She didn’t mind being in such a large family, though, in fact, she loved it. She was never lonely and she could have sleep over’s every night!~

However, she used to have six siblings. She used to have a brother. The brother was older than her and seemed to have so much potential, a dream to be a great piano player, and he was Malka’s role model, mostly making her what she is today. He’d always encourage her to be very festive and be passionate about her emotions, that she should never hide what she feels, always show what she’s feeling proudly. He was also very optimistic, always cheering up the family when they were feeling down. He was very close to Malka, and she was close to him, they were inseparable. He also wanted to protect his family, no matter what the cost…

One day, however, he came home with a few bruises. Then the bruises started to become worse and worse. He even came home with a broken arm and a black eye! He started to come home later and later. As you’d expect, the family was very worried about him, especially Malka. They’d always ask and Malka would ask twice as much about what was wrong, but he’d always make excuses. The family attempted to find out, but Malka, Malka tried the hardest as she attempted to find out all about him. But when she followed him and found him taking drugs… She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t want to believe it. So she went home, denying the truth, thinking that it was just a coincidence that he happened to look like her brother… Until the police came to her house and told her parents that her brother had been shot in what looked like a gang fight. Her brother? In a gang?! Why of all people was he in a gang?! He couldn’t be, she told herself, just a coincidence, she’d wish. But she had to come to the facts: Her brother was in a gang and had been shot.

She went through a depression stage, but her family helped her recover. She also started to play the piano as a form of release, eventually becoming a great piano player because of her playing so much. But despite her being stable now, she has developed a phobia of losing her friends and will immediately ask what’s wrong if something seems wrong with them and will do what she can do to find out.

Now that she’s on tour with her band she does miss her family, but now she treats her band members as her family. She joined a band to play the piano because she knew that’s what her brother would want to do and does it in his memory.

Any other info: In her band she plays the electric keyboard.

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Malka Elane Henniger's Story