AltaeaDerfel Gerbekson

A lowly scribe in the Merchant's Guild.

a character in “Altaea Saga: The Prince”, as played by 7achary

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Name: Derfel "Wormtongue" Gerbekson

Age: 24


Nationality: Valanian

Allegiance: The rebellious Valanians

Appearance: Derfel has long and greasy unkempt hair which reaches to his slight shoulders. His eyes are dark and calculating, though he hardly ever meets anyone's eyes, with a long nose that has been broken on multiple occasions. His sallow skin seems to be stretched taut across his thin and emaciated frame. His clothing is of the cheapest formal wear, a reddish brown jacket with tails stained from use over a frilled shirt yellowed with age, his pants are dark brown and you can see the threading. His leather shoes have a single tarnished buckle on each. His fingers are thin and talon-like, with a permanent dark ink stain on the end of his left hand.


Personality: Derfel is mean hearted and vengeful. He envies all who have more than he and thinks himself better than most. His only redeeming virtue seems to be an over riding goal of justice.
Notable skills/abilities: As a scrivener Derfel is extremely skilled at altering any sort of documents. He is fluent in many languages, as well as Sarifen and the Gypsy Tongue. He is adept at remaining unnoticed, due less to stealth and more to his demeanor.


Goals: Justice. Derfel wants the occupying Sarifen and their toadies to pay. He wants all of the nobles of his land which have so quickly thrown out their rightful lord to be quartered and hung, after he takes everything away from them. When they feel his pain they will be allowed to die.

Fears: Pain. Derfel has an extreme fear of being beaten and tortured. He has overcome these fears as much as to ignore his present danger, but when faced with physical harm he cowers like a dog.

Likes: The Dragon. A Sarifen import that can be smoked or chewed. It takes away his pain and gives him momentary peace.

Dislikes: Those above himself in station, and soldiers of any sort. The brutes must resort to their strength because they cannot hope to match his wits.


Biography: Gerbek, a soldier in the king's army was once decorated by the old king for taking an assassin's arrow in his chest. The wound crippled him for life, but his family was forever taken care of. Derfel was raised in a home that continually supported the old king no matter the situation. The small estate they lived and worked on was the King's vacation home and every comfort was provided for the entire family. Derfel's brother, Gerbek Gerbekson, was made a page at the royal palace and eventually became a squire and attendee of the young Lucius. Derfel's father and mother were more proud of his achievements than they were happy about there grand lot in life. With the monthly commission Derfel's father earned and the income from his brother's service to the Prince they were able to send Derfel to university and pay for his younger sister's specialized physicians.

When the Sarifen came his brother died defending the prince. They were soon evicted from the estate where Richter now took residence. His heart broken father began to waste away. Without this father's commission or his brother's income they could no longer pay for his sister's physicians. They sold everything. His mother sought work as a mid-wife with various lords to no avail. His father caught the coughing sickness from his old war wound and died. His sister shortly after. Derfel was far away in the City States of Vectis at the time. Upon hearing of the war he immediately sold his books and garnered passage to Valania.

Derfel has never found his mother, but learned of the circumstances of his other family members deaths from the various servants still attending the estate. For two months Derfel lived in a seedy tavern in lower district Voltas. His days were spent with a bottle in hand and a woman of the evening on his knee. Soon these pleasures were not enough to drown his sorrow and he began to frequent dens of thieves and murders where substances that could make everything go away resided. It was outside one of these dens that he was found, off the paved stone in an alley way stinking of his own piss and the strong musk of the Dragon by one of Lucius agents.

After another month spent pulling himself together and worming his way into the merchant's guild as a lowly scribe Derfel is carefully manipulating figures to show goods where there are none and feeding information on trade routes to the rebels. Though his superiors among the rebels believe he has stopped riding the Dragon, Derfel feels that what they do not know will not hurt them.

So begins...

Derfel Gerbekson's Story