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A bright young woman, though she tends to avoid people sometimes.

a character in “Alteria”, as played by SilverStar89

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Aleia is a young woman twenty-one years of age, with fair complexion, a slender build and standing just shy of six feet. Her clothing usually consists of a blue robe with white trimming falling to her knees, and is tied with a cloth at the waist. A pair of brown trousers and boots adorn her lower half. Auburn hair hangs at a mid-neck length, accompanied by soft features and deep brown eyes. An amulet with a turquoise stone is often worn around her neck, though sometimes she chooses to hide it.


A young woman who has traveled much of her life. She is quite shy and un-trusting around others at first, though can prove to be a valuable friend. She seems to be hiding something, though rarely mentions it. When those she cares about are in danger, she will put her own safety at risk to help them. Those who are unfortunate enough to break her trust take a long time to restore it if they are lucky. Aleia is known for showing compassion to people from all walks of life and helping those in need, even if she doesn't have much to offer. Her kind spirit helps her form close relationships with animals, encouraging her to often spend much time outside observing wildlife and gathering herbs.


Often, she does not carry equipment, and seems to have her own way to defend herself. A rucksack with a supply of rations, flint and steel and general tools is always with her. Aleia chooses to travel lightly, and never owns more than she can carry with her.


Aleia was found as a two-week old infant on the shores of Lika, a small seaside village known for its fish. After being adopted by an elderly couple that found her, the villagers guessed that she was a survivor of a ship wreck, as several vessels sunk the previous day in a ferocious storm. When the village was destroyed ten years later, Aleia was heartbroken to discover that her own family had been killed, and left with a handful of other villagers that also survived. The rest of her life has been spent learning to take care of herself in the wild, and she has used the time to travel across the islands and see all the sights. After making her way to the ship to safety, Aleia hopes to explore the new lands and start anew.

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