"I'm Karma, but I'm not a bitch."

a character in “Amato-ku Samurai School: Remake”, as played by Maci-Care

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Name: Karma

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance: Image

Clothing: Kimonos, different colors and each with a different design.

Fighting style: Karma's fighting style isnt anywhere close to her personality. Her style isn’t from any clan, that she knows of, she strikes quickly, and plays dirty. Her speed covers up for her lack of strength. And she plays dirty whenever she can. She plays dirty by using her looks and her environment. Let say she’s outside, she will use the grass, dirt, or sand to blind her opponent, of if its bright outside, she will use the reflection off her katana to stun the opponent.

Year: 2, but lived there her whole life.

Strengths: Sword fighting, and agility/acrobatics.

Weaknesses: Hand-to-hand fighting, short sword fighting, and strength.

Optional classes: History and intensive training.

Weapon/weaponset: Two Katanas, but only uses one at a time, always has atleast one with her, unless something formal.

Alignment: Mostly Good.

Personality: Karma is a very nice girl, one of the nicest of the school. She believes that everything you do affects your own future, and to treat people the way you want to be. Though she seems nice, which is ultimately true, she does have a temper and once she gets bad, it’s hard to get her to settle down, only a certain number of people know how to do this. Karma also hates being bored, she rather be doing hard work, or training until she passes out rather than being bored.

Background: Well Karma was abandoned as a little baby on the door step of the school 16 years ago, and taken under the wing by Misaki Ichizumaru, the headmaster of the school. And ever since she was given a toy wooden sword, she has been training to make herself better and better.

+Likes: Rice, training, quiet, the school.
-Dislikes: Rude people, being embarrassed, boredom, being alone (unless its training)

So begins...

Karma's Story