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Ambar: Chapter 1 - Snow & Ash

Ambar: Chapter 1 - Snow & Ash

In a world where old prophecies suddenly come to life, kings squirm, the dark approaches and an involuntary band must rise up.

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Ambar is a vast world, just like any other, real world. It has beautiful landscapes, though some are wild, rough and even downright brutal. And then it has everything in between.
At this particular point in time, there are two human kingdoms, two dwarfish kingdoms, an elvish kingdom and one enormous orcish empire. There are four dominant races in the lands of Ambar; elves, men, orcs and dwarves. The humans occupy the kingdoms of Vesia and Stormgarde. The dwarves have their homelands in Caeld and the isolated Dûrg-Bekári Empire. The elves reside in Rínarwin, and the orcs… Well, take a guess!

While a fragile peace has existed for a while, strife and bitter, bloody rivalries begin to resurface. The orcish empire has been rather reserved and isolated for a long time, but now there are reports of orcish warbands raiding borders. Of course, the orcish Khan denies this, entirely. Old crones and old wise men claim that war is brewing, while they mend clothes and smoke pipes (the latter applies to both).
No one wants all-out war, so diplomacy is important, but it is widely known that all kingdoms are stockpiling weapons and arming themselves. There has never been a better time to be a smith!

In this world, a select few have a role to play that is bigger than anything they could have imagined. They will be marked.

Ancient Blood Rune

But what no one is puzzled by, is why these things are happening. Aggression and strife and rattling of swords happen for no apparent reason, but all races are concerned with keeping themselves safe, rather than getting to the root of the problem. So, several things seem to be happening all at once. The orcs are stirring at the borders, and there’s a general uneasiness among the people in the cities. What’s more; the granddaughter of the current king of Stormgard has fallen sick. This happened immediately after a strange mark appeared on her wrist. And finally: a town in the north-west of Stormgard has been utterly destroyed, burned to the ground. People talk of blue flame and the walking dead.

Some blame orcish warlocks, some blame blood mages and some are more inclined to see this as divine judgment - punishment for our wicked ways. The king of Stormgard knows how superstitious people can be, and naturally wants to avoid civil unrest. But he does want to investigate, as he thinks that all of these events occur suspiciously simultaneously with the recent affliction that has befallen his granddaughter, and the mark on her wrist, as well as the general ominous feeling that seems to creep through the land, hanging in the air, filling everyone with uneasiness and fright.
His scribes and masters of books were set to work, to find what they could about this mark, and her illness. They found little, but did return with an old, dusty and quite huge old tome, which contained an image (or drawing rather), resembling the mark on the princess’ wrist. It also contained the stories of something, or someone rather, called the Heralds. The Heralds are supposed to be 7 ancient beings of great and dark, twisted power. These stories are largely considered superstition and folklore now, though some still believe in them. Those that claim they don’t.. Well, people scare easy.

The Heralds are said to number 7 in total, and are supposedly the ones who will bring about the end of the world, plunging it into darkness. this is the one thing all the major religions of the four races can agree on. They all mention 7 figures that will bring doom.

All of these incidents have brought the king of Stormgard to initiate a search. A search for any and every one that might have a marking on their body, resembling that of his granddaughter’s, or just anyone who has knowledge about it. He has even requested the help of the other kingdoms, though all of this has been done secretly! Word was sent to the Orcish Empire, but no word has returned from the Khan. The king of Stormgard hopes that other orcish leaders might make their own choices. No one but the regents of the other lands, and the king’s most trusted friends know what the search is for. The soldiers that carry out his orders, have only been instructed to carry anyone back to Fellmark, who has a mark or knowledge thereof.

You will be playing a character, who will be part of a secret, chosen few. You will not, however have a say in this choosing. You have lived your life as you have, so far, but things are about to change dramatically as you are suddenly struck by dizziness and a sharp, blinding pain on the wrist. Your skin blackens, your blood feels hot and stinging in your veins. You’ve been marked, and now people are looking for you!

This is where your character’s story begins! En route to the audience chamber of the King of Stormgard, in Fellmark.

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[[u]General Information[/u]]
[b]Origin:[/b] (What country?))
[b]Occupation:[/b] (Could include class and or rank).


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[b]Body Markings:[/b] (Scars, tattoos, other noteworthy markings of any kind).

(1-3 paragraphs.)

[b]Please do go into detail, don't rush yourself and be as descriptive as you can. This really makes the character come alive.[/b]

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[[u]Skills[/u]] [i]Please describe your character's skills in combat. Have they adapted a certain fighting style? Do they know how to fight with a sword, but not how to repair it? Can they infuse their weapon with magic? Can they fight hand to hand? Can they hunt? Make potions? Mend wounds? Make wonderful balloon animals? You get it... :)[/i]

[[u]Spells/Magic Affinity[/u]]  [i]This isn't meant for you to list every damn spell your character has learned. Are they more proficient with a certain type of magic? Do they know a certain very powerful (or very illegal) spell? Stuff like that. And only if this is applicable! If your character doesn't know magic, then there's is no point to this.[/i]

[list] [*][b](something you're lacking in regards to battle, or otherwise. This is VERY important. EVERYONE has weaknesses, and I would like for you to list those of your character here. this also really makes him/her come alive!):[/b] (description)

[size=250][font=Copperplate Gothic Light][b]EQUIPMENT[/b][/font]

(Feel free to use pictures!!
What is your character wearing into combat? Is he or she wearing heavy, slowing armor? Something lighter, perhaps? What does it look like? What's it made of?)

(Pictures welcome here as well!
What does your character wear when not in combat? Do they have a raiment of fine clothes, that they wear to certain social events, and a set of clothes they wear on the road? What does it look like?)

(Does your character carry around other trinkets?)

[[u]Primary Weapon:[/u]]
[b]Weapon Name:[/b]
[b]Weapon Type:[/b]

[[u]Other weapons:[/u]]
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[list][left]|[b] >>Family member<< [/b]|[/left]

[list][left]|[b] >>Family member<< [/b]|[/left]


(What did your character do before they were marked?)

[[u]Outlook on life[/u]]
(Does your character hate elves but love orcs? Other way round? Don't care? What's his or hers thoughts about the different races, different countries and the general state of the world?

If you find this to be a dreadful waste of time, you may skip this.)




  • I would like you to contact me, before you submit a character. This is for you to sort of “pitch” the idea of your character to me. I’ve implemented this rule, so I can stop you from creating a character that we don’t need more of, in time. Also, we can talk about it and I may have some advice or ideas, or you may have questions


I never write very much in the rule section. I think you are all well aware of what to do, and what not to do. I feel like it shouldn’t be necessary to fill this section up with do’s and don’t’s.

  • I’m a big fan of common sense, so if you just apply that to most every situation, I think we’ll all get along fine

Be nice. Don’t god-mod, etc. General good behavior!

Regarding Characters:

I do expect that you put some work into these characters. That doesn’t mean I expect you to be finished with your character sheet in a couple of days. Take your time, put some work into this thing, and I’m sure you’ll come up with a lovely, wonderful character! <3

Please contact me if you have questions. I will write to you if I have any, and if I feel you should change something about your character.

I have deliberately not filled the world map entirely with towns and cities, so if you want your character to hail from a certain region, but you’re maybe not content with the currently added locations, we can talk about that and I can add something to the map :]

To ensure diversity, I will reject characters if there are already too many dwarves, for instance.

I’m hoping for around 10 players for this. 1 character pr. person for the time being.

To ensure that you have read through all of this, please include the word "squiddlyspooch" in the PM you'll send me, when you talk to me about your character!

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The rest of the day, for the king, was spent looking over lists, maps and documents. Along with his advisors, he was going to make sure that they had the most accurate maps on their journey as well as the most recent news about the village. Considering their willingness to undertake this quest given the circumstances and lack of information, King Balian wanted to help their journey as much as he could.

“Sire, there’s a servant who wishes to talk with you.” The voice of his most senior military advisor rumbled through the air.

Balian waved and the door opened.

The servant approached and looked at the king, fidgeting with his hands that were clutching a list and a magnifying glass. “Sire, I do beg your pardon, but we’ve received a rather…” he looked around searching for the right word. “…peculiar list.”

The king looked up at this and furrowed his brow in confusion. “I take it that’s the list?”

The servant nodded and approached, handing his king the parchment and the magnifying glass. “You’ll need this, sire.”

Balian’s eyes widened slightly as he looked at the tiny words. “Indeed.” He said and held the magnifying glass over it. He mouthed along as he read the requests of Callion Lightson, confusion more and more evident on his face the more he read. He put the parchment down and looked at the servant confused.

“Is this meant to be amusing?” He asked, though he couldn’t help a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. Neither could his advisors.

“Find what you can within reason. They’ll need two horses for this Callion Lightson alone if you pack all this.” Balian tapped the parchment and handed it back, waving him away with a dismissive gesture. This mage truly was an eccentric personality.

The king had viewed all the lists that the company had written, partially out of interest, but mostly because he wanted a say in wherefrom their supplies would come. When he had viewed all of them, he fell in to deep conversation with his chief advisor. And it quickly turned to different subjects.

“If I might steer the conversation to different topics.” Jayle started hesitantly. “I’ve received repots of clans stirring on the Isle of Marn. As per the old agreement, we still supply half the garrison at Mirefield.” There was a pause as the commander considered his words. “But these orcs are not flying the banner of the Khan.”

“Any attacks?” the king asked.

“None. In fact, they seem to be leaving the island.”

“Leaving? After decades of conflict?”

Jayle nodded and shrugged. “And we have no idea why but judging by their movements they seem to be moving on their own. None of it looks like preparation for war or any major attack. We’ve not had an encounter with them for years and nothing has happened that could spark aggression. Except for that rabid dog they call a leader.”

The king pondered for a moment and nodded. “You’ve always been honest, Jayle. I like that about you.” He said and smirked. “Keep your scouts busy.” He wanted to know everything they did. “Since they’ve closed themselves off so, we can do nothing but take preemptive measures.”

Jayle and the king had talked about the state of the kingdom and what to do about a potential orcish threat for the rest of the afternoon. They had come up with no solutions, of course. The Orcish Empire was unknown in the sense that no news or reports came out from there. Everyone knew that the orcish Khan was a big brute, but last they heard, he was growing increasingly war hungry and irrational and quick to anger. When Commander Jayle left, a dark cloud hung over the king.

He’d emptied his wine and gone to his chambers to rest. When he woke, he bathed and dressed himself in a suitable formal attire and prepared for the feast. He considered topics of discussion but came up short as he knew nothing of these people, and also reminded himself of things he must say. Practical information, like the fact that all the things they had requested would be ready for them by their horses at noon tomorrow. All these things.

When he was satisfied with his clothes and felt ready, he went to the hall where the 8 companions would await him.

Ambar: Chapter 1 - Snow & Ash: Out Of Character (OOC)

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