An alliance of the heart

An alliance of the heart


The King of Sol is ill and his son must be married before taking the throne.

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Kindgom of Terra.
A kingdom known for making the greatest armor and shields. It rests upon grasslands and is ruled by a kind Queen who listens to her people more then her council. They try to stay peaceful but in times of war no country has ever breached their lines. Most from this kingdom have green eyes and blonde hair

Empire of Ignis
The kingdom of steel. Known for making great swords and even better castles. Ruled by a Noble King who is always the first on the battlefield and last off. Their army is known for fighting till the last man. The signature feature of their people is red hair.

Utopia of Ventus.
Known for their scholars and lack of army. They have no real ruler but are lead by a university in the hopes of learning the worlds secrets. Their main form of defense is the Mage Guild.

Country of Aqua.
The kingdom of wealth. They are said to have the best archers in the lands and created the flintlock pistol. They are lead by a group of merchants who regulate all trade.

Kingdom of Lun
The realm of shadow. A cold region surrounded by mountains that keeps the capital in a solid shadow 24/7. The kingdom is ruled by a cold hearted Queen which will do anything to get what she wants. Their army is more of a group of assassins then soldiers.

Empire of Sol
The shinning empire of the sun. A glorious empire who believe in living by the sword. The warrior King and Queen rule with hearts of gold and live for their people.

The King of Sol is ill and the throne must be past to the prince of the empire who must be married before he turns eighteen. However due to his shy nature he has not really spent time around women. So his father has sent a message to every kingdom looking for a princess or any women that can break him out of his shell. In response each kingdom sent a representative in hopes to form an alliance with the Sol.

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Character Portrait: Prince Regulus Leonard


Character Portrait: Prince Regulus Leonard
Prince Regulus Leonard

"Did anyone see where I left my book?" the prince of Sol


Character Portrait: Prince Regulus Leonard
Prince Regulus Leonard

"Did anyone see where I left my book?" the prince of Sol

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Character Portrait: Prince Regulus Leonard
Prince Regulus Leonard

"Did anyone see where I left my book?" the prince of Sol

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Re: An alliance of the heart

yeah I see what you mean I think I shall do a bit of rewriting to fix a few of the kingdoms but I would like to say that just because they make great armor doesn't mean it is heavy, and since magic does exist you can always assume things are a bit different. But i will take your comment into consideration as I rewrite things ... not that many people are jumping to join

Re: An alliance of the heart

If you don't mind me playing devil's advocate, when reading the intro I find it a little strange that the kingdom of Terra specializes making armor for it's military because it raises two questions for me. ( ゚ Д゚)/

First of all, if they live in the grasslands, where are they mining the metal needed to forge said armor? Flat land like that isn't normally where you'd find high concentrations of iron and such.

Second, since they live on the open plains wouldn't the greater emphasis be on mobility? Heavy armor is great for turning a blow and all, but it slows you down quite a bit, which is very unhelpful when you've got a lot of open ground to cover.

I would suggest maybe instead that their military is focus more on Calvary since that is the perfect terrain for mounted troops, and perhaps that the nation has a greater emphasis on farming since grassland like that would likely make for very fertile soil.

Hope I didn't end up bombarding you with text here. (^*^) Just trying to offer some tips from my own experience in world building.

An alliance of the heart

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