Dakota Sanchez

Was what that you said? Do you want me to hit you? No? Then keep walking buddy *takes out cig*

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Dakota Sanchez

Nickname: Koda

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 206 pounds - Muscle weight

Dakota has slender naturally tanned skin which brings out the muscle tone of his body rather well, because of one of his hobbys(see below) he has a killer six pack and well built arms giving him a punch that is best to be avoided. His eyes are a griping hazel fluctuating from green to brown depending on the light so its hard not to get lost in them, to top it off his light brown hair lightens his cheeky and sarcastic expressions so its easy to get distracted from his tattoos which have been marked over his body distorting or either enhancing his handsome appearence depending on personal taste.



Dakota’s heritage is Spanish, his mother was born in Spain however she moved to Beverly Hills when she was twenty, it was there that she met his father who was also Spanish by heritage as his parents were born in Spain before moving over.
Growing up with Spanish blood Dakota lived in the rough part of Beverly Hills in a full Spanish cultured street, he lived and survived the harsh environment that brought guns and casual muggings every evening only finding solace on the street he lived on.
Prejudice was often put against him for his Spanish blood as he walked through Beverly Hills, fights were an often occurrence so at the age of seven he decided to take up boxing as a hobby. It didn’t take long for him to build up his muscles and become a deadly fighter carrying an air that said to avoid him at all costs. He used that intimidation to keep the gangs and stray muggers away from his family as best he could growing up, it wasn’t always easy.
Dakota wasn’t gifted with intellectual brains as his main focus wasn’t school but bringing in money to put food on the table, instead he took on the task of learning how to use his hands as he learnt about mechanics and only the subjects that he required to be good at it. He has a slight flare for making metal art but its difficult to get cash from that so he normally ends up doing handy jobs such as plumbing, fixing furniture and repairing car engines when possible.
At the age of eighteen however something terrible happened to the life he had grown accustomed too, both of his parents suffered in a car crash when they skidded off the road during a heavy rain storm. They died after struggling to survive in the hospital for a few days, it devastated Dakota and the people that knew them, especially his younger 6 year old sister Abigail.
Now Dakota has being taking care of Abigail for six years protecting her strongly taking on the difficult tasks sacrificing himself to fights in order to give her a peaceful childhood.

Dakota has an untrusting personality; it can change within an instant depending on his mood. His temper tends to be the worse as he’s not very good at controlling it so most people stay out of his way afraid of angering him. If you make the slightest mistake whilst working for him he would shout at you pretty badly. He also has a tendency to be highly sarcasic giving the appearence of uncaring as he swats away peoples complaints about him like flies.

However since most people don’t get past his temper it’s hard to notice the small kind gestures he does, if you fell over he would mutter annoyance but still offer a hand to help you up which is the main point. He would fix your cabinet without being asked for free if he knew you couldn‘t pay for it and would punch a guys lights out if he hit a woman. Harming women is against his moral codes so he gets seriously pissed off when a man does, but that doesn’t stop him from getting infuriated by them and shouting, it just means he wouldn’t physically harm a woman.

He hasn’t really had many relationships with women, most of them in the area he lives in of Beverly Hills were (pardon my language) whores who got around easily, even the sensible ones were easy to sway with a few good words. Dakota at heart is a very loyal man, he doesn’t care about a woman’s past all he wants is to be able to trust the girl he gives his heart too, after all he can become very jealous and protective as that is his nature around the people he cares for growing up in his neighbourhood.

Dakota likes to keep to himself ignoring most of the trash that pass by his house, however to the people on his street who he grew up with he can comfortable smile to them and wave as he is accustomed to the people of his Spanish culture. The only person he shows true affection to however be his younger sister Abigail, Abby as he likes to call her, she is his treasure and only known family left so protects her with his life. Raising her from when he was 18 has been difficult but he adores her.

The street he lives on is full of friendly people who often have large parties in their backyards, these events are full of joyful laughter and meaningless dancing as people like to liven their spirits as often as possible living in the rough poor area that they do in Beverly Hills. Dakota normally makes an appearance with Abigail dancing with everyone around as the close nit neighbours of his Spanish culture each support one another.

Hobbies: - also earns cash this way
Mechanics and fast cars
Working with his hands

Tapping his index finger when irritated
Raising his eyebrow when intriqued

Favourites: - Likes
Pasta with spicy sauce
The colour blue
Spanish parties and dancing. I.e Flamenco/Tango
His little 12 year old sister Abigail

Hates - Dislikes
Nuts - Allergic
Men hitting women
When people get on his nerves
Muggers and lowlifes

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