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"Just show me the face of this guy. I'll find him.

a character in “An Assassin's Vow”, as played by Arekkusu

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Alexander Romero


Name: Alexander Romero
Age: 26
Skills: Assassination, swordplay, Tracking, Long distance/descreet styles of fighting (throwing knives, poisons, smoke bombs and other such things)

Physical Description:
Alex wears a pair of loose fitting black pants that allow easy movement. His right arm is covered in a bandage, hiding a bad scar he recieved while training. A fitted white shirt covers his torso, beneath it a set of chainmail. He also wears a red scarf that usually hangs loose around his neck, but when on assignment is tightened and covers his lower face.

Reason for Visiting Rome: Alexander is on assignment, looking into Esposito's odd jump to power.


Alexander is a relatively calm person. He doesn't show his true feelings right away, and usually remains very neutral in arguements, throwing in what's on his mind every once in a while. He enjoys his work, even if some might find it revolting and degrading. But, Alexander will only kill those who have it coming. He refuses to kill low life criminals and petty thieves. Instead, he focuses on the larger targets; crooked officials, high class criminals, etc. Around people he's familiar with, Alexander is more open and lively. He enjoys cracking jokes every once in a while, even when he's around strangers; giving him what people believe is a dry sense of humor. He hates coming face to face with his target, but if it's neccesary, he'll jump on the oppurtunity to kill his prey quickly and painlessly.


Alexander grew up in Venice, although he's originally from Rome. His father was a blacksmith, and moved to Venice to escape the demanding lifestyle of the capital city. In his new home, Alex learned how to handle a sword, how to hold his own in a fight, and several other things. But, when he turned thirteen, his parents were arrested for false accusations of treason against the Pope. They were killed, and the sudden experience left the young boy without a home. Taking pity on him, one of the elders of the Order took Alexander under his wing, and trained him in the ways of the Assassin. Since then, he has grown into a hardened killer with a sense of chilvary, and lives to bring the wicked to their doom.

So begins...

Alexander Romero's Story