ItaliaEzotheo Cowin

Life always comes to a breaking point, and this is my breaking point.

a character in “An Assassin's Vow”, as played by Atheol Cowin

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Name: Ezotheo Cowin
Age: ??
Skills: Theo is very good at keeping to the shadows of the night, even the roofs of rome is one of his fvt spots to play around. His skills are freerunning through the streets of roma, acrbatics, stealing, picking pockets from people. His other skills are Close combat, wields swords with ease, and is able to parry the hardest attacks.
Personality: Ezotheo is clever, he was always like that. If you gave him a stick to kill someone. He'll do it.. He is a quick thinker has been able to think of a plan right on the spot. Ezotheo always seems to be doin something, or trying to think of something to do.
History: Ezotheo's history he was never able to save his family. That was one of the saddist day in Ezotheo's life. But it changed his life it made him cold, calm, able to think of away to make his revenge. He met a man who was an assassin Anselm. Cowin loved to talk to this man
Appearance:Not able to get one just yet. But i'll get one soon.
Short physical description: Ezotheo is tall young man, at the average height of 5.9. He is lean with highly toned muscles. His hair is brown, eyes brown. He always seems to wear Ebony shade of color on his clothes. The clothes he seems to wear, is like a hooded robe that goes down to his thighs. Then there'd be dark colored bloomers, that seems to always be bloused by two of his boots. The belt on his waist holds his sword, on the side of that sword has a engraving on his family crest. The rest of is scarlet red, with some ebony. On the other side of his belt holds a dagger. On his chest is leather plated armor that is costume to fit him, it lets him attack alot of damage, and is very light. Even his boots, as leather plate armor on it. The armor has some engravings to make it look nice. On both of his wrist of gauntlets, on the right, has a glove, and a leather plate, with a hidden blade, that was made by him. On the other arm, has leather plate, but no glove to help with gripping. I'll be explaining more later..
Reason for traveling to roma: To find out what happened to my family, and the reason behind it. But he found that one of his family members didn't die. So he is out to search, to see if it is true.

So begins...

Ezotheo Cowin's Story