ItaliaValentine Phantomhive

"All I have is my hate! If I let go of it, the person I've been since that day, the last remnant of my parents will disappear!"

a character in “An Assassin's Vow”, as played by Zero Reaper

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Name: Sir Valentine Phantomhive

Age: 26

Skills: A master swordsman; extroadinarily skilled when it comes to direct combat, capable of wiping out entire military units in seconds if discovered. Also proficient with a crossbow and throwing knives, and (most unusually) the use of chains as whips, which is why he carries several on him when in armour. However, stealth isn't his strong point, and has been discovered an alarming number of times due to his style of killing (although he is still an effective assassin most of the time).

Personality: A cold and ruthless murderer. Driven by the murder of his parents, his terrifying, demonic armour has become associated with death. Dark and cynical, he follows orders from the Elders without question or restraint. His methods are questionable - often resulting in 'collateral damage' - but his results are certainly not. Outside his job, he is less emotionless; however, he is generally unwilling to allow himself to become attached to people, as every time he has done so, they have ended up dead. A quiet man, he tends to prefer to be alone when in private as opposed to talking with others.

History: Born into English nobility, he was the son of one of England's greatest knights. When he was ten, they were both killed by a squad of assassins right before his eyes. Taken in by his uncle, he trained to become the greatest warrior the world had ever known, devoted every one of his waking hours to learning the art of war and assassination. He refused to use his family's set of traditional armour, instead crafting a terrifying set of his own to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. He would become a demon, hunting the murderers of his parents across Europe, killing for money to finance his hunt. Eventually, after witnessing him wiping out an entire group of guards to get to a target, he was recruited by an elder into a guild of assassins at age 23. Ever since then, he has followed the elder's orders without question, while still looking for information on the murderers. He recently came across a piece of information which suggests that Esposito, recently made Pope, may have had a hand in the death of his parents, and - having been sent by the guild to kill Esposito - has decided to, when he finds him, interrogate Esposito to find more information on the murderers - and then take his revenge. But of course, emotions always have a tendency to get in the way of his plans, no matter how determined he may be.


Pic of him out of armour:


Pic of him in armour:


Short Physical Description: When stealth is required, he wears a long black coat and black pants, along with a dark grey long-sleeved shirt; underneath his clothing is a set of chainmail. When stealth is not a priority compared to heavy combat, he wears hulking, terrifying armour designed to scare his enemies into retreat as much as to defend him. When wearing this armour, he is rarely seen without his huge Claymore sword, engraved with a skull on the hilt to signify his dead parents, and several chains hanging off him, which he uses as weapons if necessary - or torture devices. The last sign of his parents he carries is a silver ring inset with a large sapphire, which had historically been worn by the heads of his family.

Reason for traveling to Rome: Sent by the elders, but also wishes to find, interrogate and kill Esposito for his own reasons.

Other: When going for all-out combat instead of assassination, he will normally be seen carrying his sword in one hand and a crossbow in the other. Also borders on being a psychopathic monster, although this may change as the RP goes on. I see a lot of development that I can do with this guy.

So begins...

Valentine Phantomhive's Story