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FULLRenaissance Italy, a time of incredible breakthroughs. A time of joy, and prosperity. But, when one man does the unthinkable, that happiness suddenly shatters, leaving two men to pick up the pieces..But, love always finds it's way into these stories..

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Setting: Italia2011-09-06 22:02:10, as written by Arekkusu
Alexander darted through the crowds, taking a few spare florins here and there. Nothing that will be missed, of course. He only took what he would need. Rounding a corner into an alleyway, he soon came across a man clad in demonic looking armor. I assume that you are Alexander Romero? He was silent for a moment, studying the being before him. "Depends.. Who's asking?" A hand moved to his side, gripping his belt as if he were resting his arm. But, his fingers curled around one of the many knives that lined his belt. If this person was another bounty hunter or some hired help from his recent kill, then Alexander would have to put him down. But the heavy armor and sword would make things difficult. Then again, he could be the second assassin the Order sent. But why would an assassin dress like that? He can be seen as clear as day. There's nothing relitive to stealth in his attire. But, maybe he's more hands on. It certainly looked that way.