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FULLRenaissance Italy, a time of incredible breakthroughs. A time of joy, and prosperity. But, when one man does the unthinkable, that happiness suddenly shatters, leaving two men to pick up the pieces..But, love always finds it's way into these stories..

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Setting: Italia2011-09-06 23:25:44, as written by Zero Reaper
"My name is Sir Valentine Phantomhive, son of Sir Sebastian Phantomhive of Her Majesty's Royal Guard." Valentine stated, while calmly observing Alexander. The man was lightly armoured, although he would most likely have some chainmail underneath; Valentine figured that it would be easy enough to cut through with his sword if he had room to build up a full-strength strike. If it came to a fight, this would be difficult, if Alexander's reputation was anything to go by. "If you are indeed Alexander Romero, then I have been assigned by the Order to come and team up with you in our mission." He tightened his grip on his sword, and smirked beneath his helmet. "If you are not... then you're as good as dead."