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FULLRenaissance Italy, a time of incredible breakthroughs. A time of joy, and prosperity. But, when one man does the unthinkable, that happiness suddenly shatters, leaving two men to pick up the pieces..But, love always finds it's way into these stories..

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Setting: Italia2011-09-07 05:30:23, as written by Arekkusu
"I am indeed Alexander Romero, the last of the name. My parents are dead, as are my relatives. I hunt those who wrongly attained power or misuse the privilege.." Alexander loosened his grip on the belt. He'd heard of the Phantomhive name. They were very loyal individuals, or so he'd heard. They also had a reputation for cutting down large numbers quickly. The Phantomhive would be a much needed asset for the mission. "You can relax my friend. We're on the same side." He noted to the man's tightened grip over his blade's handle. "Now that we've both been properly introduced. I'll get down to the main point.." Glancing around, Alexander paused for a while. There were a few guards stationed here and there, but they were too close. "I think we should continue this conversation in private. I don't trust the soldiers around here.." He spoke in a hushed tone, motioning for his new companion to follow him as he walked down the alleyways to a nearby brothel.