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FULLRenaissance Italy, a time of incredible breakthroughs. A time of joy, and prosperity. But, when one man does the unthinkable, that happiness suddenly shatters, leaving two men to pick up the pieces..But, love always finds it's way into these stories..

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Setting: Italia2011-09-13 05:25:17, as written by Atheol Cowin
Ezotheo stood next to one of venders looking straight at the crowd of people. He just stood there leaning up against the wall. Ezotheo looked around sighing abit. "sir? Sir?!" The vender looked at Theo. Theo looked at him. "Yes?"
"You going to buy something?"
"No, you want me to move?"
"Yes please, I don't need one of tne guards thinking you're trying to kill me."
"Noplablama, I'll leave" Theo said with a smile. He'd head over to the clock tower that was placed in the center of roma. The crowds were bustling people talking amongs each other. Theo looked around as his foot scraped the ground moving some of the rock that was there. Theo wasn't thinking much, as somrone ran into pushing him into one of the venders. Theo ground ahold of the person, as he twist him around pushing him up against the wall..