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FULLRenaissance Italy, a time of incredible breakthroughs. A time of joy, and prosperity. But, when one man does the unthinkable, that happiness suddenly shatters, leaving two men to pick up the pieces..But, love always finds it's way into these stories..

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Belladonna reached Alessandra, matching her sister's stride with ease. Her outfit was somewhat more conservative. It was a long, plain, dark green dress with a wide brown belt which had a dagger stuck into it. On her back she had her quiver of arrows strapped, and her bow was in her hand. "Rome is an interesting, place, don' you think?" she asked her sister as she looked around. It was almost impossible not to look, really. She repressed the urge to hit a man who was openly leering at Alessandra, and kept walking.

They were in Rome, and her mind was whirring behind the calm, patient face. What did the pope want with them? What did her father have to do with anything? She remained silent, however, as was her way.