EarthMara E. Jordan

A contemplative pianist looking for new inspiration.

a character in “An Imperfect Parable”, as played by Lavender

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Mara Elliot Jordan was always considered a unique beauty, though she never thought of herself in high esteem, and honestly still doesn't at the age of twenty-three. She has long, slender legs that are attached to a lengthy, equally lithe torso that dips in considerably at the waist to form an odd sort of hourglass shape, though she has no hips to even it out. She is tall, at an above-average height of five feet and ten inches, with a decently even complexion, with sprinklings of light freckles here and there. Her hair is a flaxen color, and isn't too long, maybe an inch above or below her shoulders; she doesn't keep up with its length, but does trim it when she can, so you never know.


The girl that's always gone by Elle due to her distaste of the name Mara has always been known to keep to herself. Not in the sense that she's a recluse, but she simply finds peace in the quiet of every day life and it is also where she feels the most connected with... well, everything. She practically thinks in music, if you can wrap your mind around that, and has been playing piano since she could climb onto the bench. It is how she expresses her emotions; she derives inspiration from the things around her, whether it be a book she's reading, a landscape, or a person. But, lately, her muse has been on what she refers to as a vacation and she's awaiting her return.


Nothing but her small satchel, which usually contains a journal, some pens, her cell phone, chap-stick, and her current read.


I suppose you'll have to wait for this to be revealed later, won't you? That is, if she'll talk about it.

So begins...

Mara E. Jordan's Story