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An Invasion of Fiction


What would happen if our favorite fictional character entered our every-day lives? Complete, and utter chaos? Can we deal with the results? Find out..

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Plot: Fictional Characters are every-where...from manga and comics to television shows, and movies. Various characters exist, all living in the universe there creators make. Heroes, Smallville, 24, Jump, Push,Cheaper By the Dozen, Gossip Girls, Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, One Piece, Spider Man, Uncanny X Men, ect..barely any of them have anything in common. However, now they will all be united. Gravitational Portals open up in various universe's, and the result fictional characters are released into the real world. How such an event has transpired no one knows, but know the world must deal with unimaginable chaos. What will happen? Find out.

1.No Godmodding/Power Playing. This basically means your fictional character cannot gain extra powers, or do things they are not capable of. Be reasonable though..plz.
2.You can be any fictional character from any fictional genre.
3..Romance is allowed, although if it's too graphic take it to pm's
4.Violence will be in this there might be violence and considering all fictional characters it may be gory at times.
5. If your characters goes to a new location, I'll add the location
6.No religious based characters
7. You can make characters that exist in the real world
8. After submitting your profile's, post them in the OOC section as well.
9.Post in the OOC after making your sheet, so I know you made it in the first place
10. Check the list of characters, and users before joining
11. Also choose when your characters start. So basically you can use a character from Heroes...either them from Season 1, or if you want from Season 4? Up to you.
12. Also existing Normals such as President Obama, or Michael Jordan are NPC's as of now. If you want to RP one of them PM me, but you CANNOT be insulting, or EVER be OOC for these characters.
13.Have fun! :)

Character Sheet (Created by Ylanne)

Full Name:
Name at birth (if different):
Aliases (if any):
Title (military rank, Dr., clergy, etc.):
Preferred name:
Skin Tone:
Build (slim, linebacker, etc.):

Political Affiliation:
Languages spoken:
Now lives:
Lives with:
Relationship Status:

Special Abilities/Skills:
Favorite Types of Music:
Favorite Types of Reading Material:
Serious Problems:

Peter Petrelli(Season 3).
Ben Tennyson(Future Version).

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...the first thrill
demands another...
the trigger of the operative...

Travis slept like a log. Today was to be the start of what would be to Travis, just another normal, boring, roleplaygateway, nothing interesting...

Playing Russian roulette
with a full chamber...
Miserable outcome
One and the same...


Travis awoke with a start. He hated his alarm. It was some Weird Tim Allen grunt in the form of a tornado siren. He hated it but it was enough to wake him up with it's loud annoying sound. Travis got up and immediately shut it off. He sat there on his bed letting the sleep wear off of him. Then he put on some clothes...yesterday's pants, and a Mariner's tee-shirt. He went to his computer and checked Roleplaygateway.

Dammit....Pikachulance you need to post...

Travis turned off the browser and went outside. He had a bus to catch and he was already a good 5 minutes late.


About an hour later.

"...Extinguishing the sun.....wash away man! Take him with the floods!"

The bus came to a halt. Travis got up and thanked the driver. He stepped outside. Colorado morning air wasn't the most pleasant of things but it wasn't unpleasant either. Travis could just live without the cold. Yes spring was here, but it could still snow here in the spring. Travis wouldn't wait for the semester to end. Travis sighed and went to his next gate waiting for the bus. He went to his gate when something caught his eye. A Travis blinked. Travis swore what he saw....wasn't what he was seeing. Travis had seen some crazy things in his time, but this took the cake! It wasn't possible! There was a Squirtle laying unconscious in front of him.....right now. Most of his body was hidden under a bus. And there was....a small pool of blood....which wasn't good.

Travis rushed himself over to the spot, careful not to attract any attention, and picked up the body. Thankfully, the guy was still breathing. He was just out cold. Travis could only guess a bus had recently given him quite a bump on the head. Travis looked around. His bus to school was here.

Fuck it.

Travis was going home. This guy needed Travis might be able to give... Travis opened his backpack, he then placed the Squirtle in it. It was relativly large, and Squirtle easily fit in the pack. Travis just hoped he didn't wake up because the only reason Squirtle was in the backpack, was so Travis didn't get any strange looks. Travis got on a different bus and sat in the back, hoping no one would care about his backpack.

"Hold on little guy...."


Travis arrived home and immediately set the Squirtle on the table. Travis soaked a washcloth in hot water and placed it on the Squirtle's forehead... He then began to look over the body for any other injuries. The Squirtle looked like it's arm was dislocated, and so Travis .... got a hold of himself...and popped the arm back into place.

"Sorry....little guy...."

There wasn't anything else he could do. All he could do now was wait. Travis put the injured squirtle in his bedroom, as messy as it was, and put on some low volume music. Music always seemed to help him in some way, maybe it would at least make the guy comfortable...


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I hated mornings like this, when you got sick the night before and you felt like shit but you couldn't go back to sleep. I had stayed healthy this long and i had a huge math test today.

I heard Travis leave the house and I groaned and covered my head with my pillow, maybe i could squeeze in a few more hours.

+-About three hours later-+

I woke up and my head felt like it was going to burst open. I needed Advil....NOW!!!

I pulled myself out of my of my bunk bed and tripped over my room till I opened my door. It was lighter and i reached for the hall closet. I ripped open the door and glared down the many various bottles of pills we had, finally finding the pills behind some diahrea pills. I shoved two in my mouth and went downstairs.

Travis' light was on, "Travis, you home?"

(ooc: Trav and I worked out a conversation, he said it was ok to goddmode i this sense)

"Ya I'm home, I'm in the batheroom."

"Great," I thought to myself, "Now I'm gonna have to deal with him being in there for three hundred years."

I shrugged and walked over to the DVD case. After skimming through the various Disney movies and romantic comedies I figured I wanted to watch blood and guts and gore. Travis' room had all those movies. I closed the case and walked over to the door to Travis' room, "Trav I'm going to get Forbidden Kingdom from your room."

"What wait....."

I grabbed the door and opened it, crawling on his bed to get the video. I crawled over something hard on his bed, reaching for the movie, "Travis you need to clean your....."

Water. Water in my face, where the hell did the water come from. Wiping the water from my face I opened my eyes to see a blue turtle with brown eyes staring at me with a scared look on its face. Come to think of it, it looked like a .........."JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!"


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Travis was in the bathroom answering the call to nature. He sighed as he heard the footsteps come down the stairs, his sister home sick from school today probably came down for a movie. Hopefully she wouldn't go in his room.

After a little conversation she said dreadful words to Travis' ears.

"I'm going to get Forbidden Kingdome from your room."
Travis stood up, "Wait, what! Jesse hold on let me get it-"
Words came from inside his room. "Travis you're room is a pigsty! You really need to clean..........Jesus Christ!"

Travis opened the bathroom door and rushed to his room. Squirtle had been scared stiff and had fallen over the far side of the bed. Travis rushed in.
"Jesse calm down, you're scaring him!"
"Travis I will not calm dow! Am I on something? DId I take too much Advil? I could have sworn there is a-"
"There's is a Squirtle right here! There is-"
"I mean am I dreaming or something because I swear there is a pokemo-"
"Settle....the fuck.....Down please!"
"Watch your mouth!"

Travis rolled his eyes. Despite how much they both swore on occassion, they still shouted that at each other. They each had their favorite swear.

Travis pushed Jesse out of the way and looked at the trembling Squirtle on the other side of his bed. Travis tried speaking calmly. "Shhhh....shhh shh shhh." he started. "You're okay. You've had quite a morning, Squirtle. It's're safe. You're in a safe environment, my sister didn't mean to spook you...."


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"Oh so you settle down the Squirtle, not your sister," I yelled and shook from my shock, "Travis where the hell did you get that thing?"

"He was in the Park-n-Ride, he was injured, settle down."

The word injured shook me from my thoughts, "Is he ok?"

"I think he's fine, just a little shaken up. I'm trying to comunicate with him."

I looked down at the little turtle and a thought came to mind. "Trav, I'll be right back."

I ran upstairs and grab an apple from the fruit bowl. After washing it I ran back downstairs and gave it to Travis, "Try this."

"Thanks, good idea."

He held the apple out to the Squirtle and his eyes kind of sparkled, "Squirtle," it said and took the apple happily. I smiled and left the two alone. I walked back upstairs and looked out the living room window........"JESUS CHRIST TRAVIS WHAT'S GOING ON!!!!!!!!"

(Eredeth posting now)

The girl in the window did portray Anasyia. But how could I know she could help me, I will admit, I was afraid.


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Atlanta, Georgia
A slim lean African American adult was seen typing away at his Lap-top, with a grin on his face. He was laughing so hard. He was on Face-book, and was talking to his girl-friend Lisa. He finally logged off face-book, and headed to the kitchen area of his apartment area. Reaching into his refriderator he took out an ice cold can of spirte, and took a sip, after cracking it open. He went to his phone which began buzzing, looking down at the caller Id, he sighed it was Lisa again. He clicked the green button, and put the phone to his ear. "Sup Baby" "Flooooyd..Flooooyd, you picked up this tiiiime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Floyd nodded, although he knew Lisa couldn't see him. "Right, anyway if you callin bout that, yeah I'll be at yo house at 8,cuz the movie's at bout 8: 30" "YEAAHHHH"....

A tall African American wound up in the Linton house-hold, looking around in his new surroundings. An empty bed-room. "damn my house got smaller." He looked up, walking to the door, and opening it up. He raised his sun-gases up, and utter confusion was seen on his face. "Damn.." I ain't moa. He walked to the Fridge, and opened it up, sighing. "Man what ghey motha-fucker lives here, no beer?" He growled, and walked away, until he detected the faint smell of alchohol. He made his way to the Garage, and opened up the fridge, smiling. "Aah Dawg, this foo smart. Give his homies dat shit, save the real stuff fo him. "He popped open a can of beer, and chugged it down.

Moments later the drunkened superhero came upstairs, breaking down Travis's door. He burped, looking over at Travis, Jess, and Squirtle. He looked, and dropped a crunched can of beer. "Hey..dawg,. you got some more to drink?


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#, as written by Aufeis

"Fuck..." Brandon said as he rolled over, "Fuckin' mornings. I hate mornings. I don't feel like going to class. John. John! Hit the fucking alarm!" He yelled at his college room mate.

There was a sound of cracking. Like plastic being smashed by a baseball bat, "John, what the hell?!"

That wasn't John. John was not a white blond woman in an almost full suit of armor. John was not even in the room. John had ROTC today. Riiiight. Shit.

The woman turned slowly as Brandon shoved his glasses onto his nose, "Who the hell are you, lady?"

"What trickery is this? What magic!?" The woman yelled, grabbing the startled young man from his bed, yelling into his face, "Where in Feranil's sake am I!?"

THAT was a name Brandon found familiar, "Fe-Feranil?"

"No, this is NOT Feranil, you ignorant Ghast!" The woman yelled, holding a dagger to his throat.

"You're....You're Savannah!" It wasn't a question, it was a statement of pure amazement.

"How do you know my name?! Tell me!"

"Because I...I created you." He said with wide eyes.

The woman dropped the young man and held her sword at length, "Explain your trickery now, or die!"

"Savannah, please, calm down." He said, holding his hands out defensively, "I have no idea what's going on! Honestly! I was sleeping when you woke me up!" The alarm clock had actually done the trick, but it being shattered hadn't exactly helped, "I don't think you understand. You don't exist. You're a...a figment of my imagination! A creation of words and thoughts! Your world, everything! It's all just a story!" he said, quickly bringing up the manuscript on his computer. Savannah watched over his shoulder and her eyes widened with amazement as she read the words on the screen.

"This is...impossible..." She said, tentatively attempting to use the mouse.

"That's what I said." Brandon replied, nodding.

"Am I...dead? If you are the creator....then...Am I dead?" Savannah asked, looking down at her hands. Before there had been fright and determination in her eyes. Now, there was simply confusion and hopelessness.

"As far as I can tell, you're very much alive. Simply in another dimension. Or something. I didn't even think this shit was possible." He said, rubbing the back of his neck. On the inside, he was just as lost as she was, but acting was almost a life style for him. 'Mom always said I could be a famous actor.'

He sat down in his computer chair, rubbing his temples. He had no idea what to do. At this point, what could he do? He looked at the computer for a moment, "No way. They'll think I'm more insane than usual." He whispered, logging into RoleplayGateway anyway. Who to contact first? Hell if he knew. Hell, just contact everyone, he supposed. After punching in his friends names in the PM bar, he sent a brief message to his friends:

Guys? Anything....weird....happen to you today? And I mean friggin' impossible shit weird? a dream or movie weird?


He didn't really hope to get a reply any time soon. Savannah was staring at him funny, "What? I'm asking for...reinforcements."

"Oh...Nothing...I simply imagined the creator to be...taller, perhaps? More authoritative, maybe."

"Princess. I'm in my night cloths. I just woke up. How regal do you look in the morning?"

"I did not mean to offend." She said, averting her eyes. Brandon simply sighed. Today was going to be a LONG day.


The man in the leather duster causally looked about the street he was on. It was not crowded. In fact, it was quite bare. He tried to think back. When had he come into contact with a thinnie? He had not heard the warbling sound they made, surely he would have noticed the "bending" effect one usually had. He put his hand on the sandalwood butt of his revolver. His father's revolvers. Eld's revolvers. He sighed. The man in black must be behind this. To stop him from getting to the Tower. He wondered if he would find Eddy here. Or maybe Jake or Susannah. Even Oy would be a comfort. Or perhaps he could simply seek out Steven King again. But first, he had to figure out where he was. He had been to this world before, many times in fact. Or at least variants of this world. He wondered if he had been to this one before. He started walking. He was here for a reason. And that reason wasn't to stand on the sidewalk until the wheel of Ka stopped. No matter where he was, he would find his way back to the Tower. There was an entrance to one of it's many levels here, just like any other world.


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Travis watched as Jesse went upstairs, he began confrontin ghte Squirtle. He came slowly towards it and picked him up and set him back on the bed. "You've had a rough morning I guess." he said rubbing the forehead with the hot water towel. Travis was starting to hear other noises upstairs and a voice he didn't recognize. Travis heard the noise come downstairs. something kicked in his door, crushing all the clothes on the dirty floor of Travis' room. Travis jumped so hard he nearly fell off the bed, and Gill fell backward as well, even more afraid.

"Yo dawg, you got anything more to drink?"
Who the fuck was this guy? And why the fuck was he in the house?

Travis slowly got up. The man had sunglasses on, and a beanie which made Travis even more suspicious. Travis walked to his wall, where he had his black bamboo sword neatly hidden from the man. Travis pointed to a blank corner across the room outside his room. "Yeah over there, help yourself."

Travis made his move. Travis was no master of sword fighting or karate, as he never took a class, but adrenaline of some perfect stranger in the house was enough to allow Travis execute his one move.

Travis with all his might, swung his bamboo sword catching the stranger directly in the face. Knocking the man back, hopefully unconscious. Travis ran out of his room, and yelled "JESSE CALL THE POLICE!"

(I will assume she does that)

The Squirtle wandered out of his room. And walked over the unconscious stranger.

Travis sat in a chair rubbing his head. His hand still clutched the black bamboo sword. He gripped it tightly actually, as the adrenaline still kicked in. He didn't feel....for some the perfect mood to call the police right now..., despite his cell phone being in his pocket...

Travis turned the browser back on hoping someone was on chat. He felt somewhat good about himself defending his home as he just did. Dang no one was in chat, but he did have a PM.

Aufeis had sent him something.

"Guys? Anything....weird....happen to you today? And I mean friggin' impossible shit weird? a dream or movie weird?


Travis sighed and rubbed his face as the Squirtle cautiously aproached him. Travis motioned up to him. "I won't bite little guy. In fact, I'm rather curious as to why you are even here. Some portal? Some weird paradox? Divine intervention?"

The squirtle looked at him weirdly with looks Travis could only chuckle at, in fact he reminded him of a Squirtle Travis wrote about in roleplaygateway.

"Perhaps you're Gill..." Travis muttered...

Travis looked at te body laying in front of his room. He shouted at the unconscious body, "You fucking owe me a new bedroom door, asshole!"

Travis sent his reply to Aufeis.

"You had to ask. I'd talk about it but you wouldn't believe me for shit...
In chat if you wish to talk.....I may be a bit on and off.....believe it or not, someone just broke in...

Travis sighed as he sent it...He still gripped the sword tightly, his knuckles turned white as snow...


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#, as written by Aufeis
Brandon raised an eyebrow as his browser refreshed and the PM inbox had a new addition. He read over the message quickly and almost chuckled. He hurriedly maneuvered to the chat with Savannah watching over his shoulder.

Aufeis says: So, what exactly we talking about here, SM?
Aufeis says: If you tell me what happened to you, I'll tell you what happened to me.
Aufeis says: Chu is gonna be so god damned jealous when he hears about this!
Aufeis says: Heh heh
Aufeis says: >:D

Satisfied with his messages, he sat back and waited for his friend to reply. Surely this couldn't be happening to just him. Savannah smiled as she watched the board, pointing to the last line, "This one takes the appearance of a face." She said, bemused. Her face went serious again, "This "SM". Is he a wizard of some kind?"

Brandon laughed, "I don't think so. But it does sound like he's in the same situation I am in. Otherwise, he had a real coincidental home invasion."

Savannah's face fell, "Why do you joke about invasion? If he is your ally, why do you not attempt to aid him?"

Brandon simply groaned, "No, it isn't that sort of invasion. Someone broke into his house." he said, realizing that he would have to choose his word very carefully. Why couldn't it have been Jane, or Zach that came to life? At least they were modern. Of course, he supposed they would probably stick out amongst a crowd. Speaking of sticking out..." offense, but we need to get you out of that armor. You need to blend, at least until I can figure out what in the name of hell is going on."

"But...should I risk vulnerability simply for sociable norms?" Savannah asked, giving him a peculiar look.

"You can keep the chain mail on under the normal clothes, but I can't exactly have you walking around in that get up."

"If you say so." Savannah said, stripping the armor off, down to her chain mail vest and leggings. Underneath that was a relatively normal looking tunic and cloth leggings.

"Could you put the chain mail on underneath your clothes?" He asked.

"I could, but in here? Do you not have someplace more...private?" She asked, her eyes hard.

"Yes, the bathroom is in there. Make sure you lock both doors, otherwise my suite mates could walk in on you." He said, turning red with embarrassment. Figment of his insanity or no, she was still a woman.


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I swallowed, clearly he hadn't heard me and the black guy barging into Dad's rarely used beer fridge was enough. But a DRAGON......IN THE FRONT YARD TOO. I slowly got up out of the chair and crawled over to the door.

I opened it and saw the massive creature look shocked and scrared, "Easy boy, easy, I'm not going to hurt you."

The dragon spoke, "Cashka bayto Ma? Bayto Ma hist Introsia?"

Introsia......Introsia, the land I created with the Sacred Fire Anasyia and her friends. If he spoke of Introsia, he could only be, "Eredeth, is that you?"

The dragon looked shocked and he lowered his head so it was two feet away from me, "How do you know my name?"

I swallowed and reached out, "I created you, I'm not a Great One, but I wrote about you in a story."

His nose was exactly the way I pictured it, scaly and warm, "Are you a follower of Knarak?"

"No," I said and laughed, "Just a human being, you are going to be drawing some attention soon. Can you fly over to the backyard?"

"Am I allowed to enter your home," he asked and tilted his head.

"Uh......have you learned the shrinking spell that Anasyia teaches you after you defeat Knarak?"

"I learned that 5000 years ago," he laughs, "Wikatoli."

He shrank to the size of a cat and crawled onto my shoulder, "What is your name?"

"Jesse," I replied and went back inside.

"Jesse call the police," I heard Travis say.

I gave Eredeth a weird look and went downstairs instead, "Trav what happened, is the Squirtle ok........What on Earth happened?"

the black guy was unconscious and Travis was staring at me, "Why is there a black guy on the floor?"


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Linton House-hold

Hancock looked at Travis, expecting an answer revolving around the drinks. Another thing was this dark room was even MORE darker due to the sun-glasses he was wearing. He didn't care, he was drunk, and he craved more alchohol. He looked at a man standing up, naww a teenager. Man dese White people, got all da good stuff.

He nodded "Thanks homie" He began slowly walking to the other side of the room, not noticing as Travis raised his blade, and went on the attack. However as the bamboo sword hit him in the face, it shattered into pieces, the "superhero" unmoved by Travis's attack. The shattered remains of his weapon hitting the ground below. He burped again "Haha..I dun scared no popo, I slap them blue bioches." He said consumed in his drunk stupor, not even realizing Travis had tried to attack him, due to his invunerable status.

"Eh man..really that was fun and all, but I need sometin to drink, your gorage be empty" He walked over to Travis" Ah you talkin to you bitch? " He said seeing him typing" Does she got sum drinks? He turned to Jess" What? There ain't no black guy on da floor, but there can be one up on yo ass if you want baby"

Floyd's Apartment
Floyd had now hung up with Lisa, the girl who was obsessed him, now he'd need to move on to the next step. He logged into the Roleplay-Gateway, and sighed finding no was in chat. Going to answer, he answered the pm.

"What Aufeis you drunk man, lol. Imma going to see Iron-Man 2 with Lisaaaaa...Homie, GET TO CHAT motha-fucker.



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(dude a gun can put hancock in a hospital, yet a bamboo sword [which is some fucking durable shit and will not simply 'shatter to pieces'] cannot knock the guy out cold for even three minutes? I got a hard time believing that, and also my sister has seen the movie, and I have wikied Hancock. he is NOT as gangster as you are putting him......Plus me and my sister had just gone with the already played scenario. Come on, man...if you wish to keep us in this RP you're going to have to go with things more. And I asked my sister WHO Has SEEN THE MOVIE, if a bamboo bash to the face would knock him out cold. Now, she said no normally, but in his drunkenness that he in in, he would be out cold for a good few minutes.....I'm not so out of resources as I usually am.)

Jesse walked down the stairs as Travis held his (unshattered) bamboo sword. The Squirtle shared his shock a bit. Travis didn't look or say anything at first. Aufeis had even began speaking in the chat, and Travis paid no heed.

Travis finally looked at Jesse, and had noticed the new visitor she now had around her shoulder. At first he would have asked what the thing was, but enough craziness was happening to him, that he really wasn't surprised anymore and was not even going to ask...
"I hope you called the police..."Tarvis said in his shocked monotone voice.

Aufeis was waiting, Travus turned and began typing fast, ignoring anything else.

SamuraiMaster says: Dude I skipped school today because........believe it or not Ifound an injured Squirtle undeaneath a bus......I mean seriously he is sitting on my lap now...
SamuraiMaster says: Yeah I know right?
SamuraiMaster says: Now my sister's got some weird ass small dragon on her shoulder
SamuraiMaster says: And some shitfaced black man is on my floor...
SamuraiMaster says: In the words of Jules Winnfield, "This is some fucked up repugnant shit."
SamuraiMaster says: I mean I can take an intruder, but....I GOT A POKEMON ON MY LAP!

The man on his floor began to get up...

SamuraiMaster says: Shit the guy's awake hold on.

Travis stood up. "You have got ten....fucking...seconds to get your ass OUT of my house before the police come and incarcerate your ass!"

The man paid no attention, and what he said to his sister was enough for Travis to come over and kick the man in the face. Damn the man had some tough fucking skin! Travis limped away. He continued shouting.


It was then the man got up. Travis grabed his sword again.


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#, as written by Aufeis
Brandon listened as the chat pinged, signaling that someone was replying. SM. And Chu sent him a PM. So nothing happened to Chu yet. Hmm. Oh well, let him have his normality and sanity. Insanity was funnier. Savannah watched over his shoulder as he began to type again.

Aufeis says: Well, at least I'm not the only one going insane.
Aufeis says: Considering I was assaulted and yanked out of bed by a story book character.
Aufeis says: Who I created.
Aufeis says: Wait, you've got a what in your lap?
Aufeis says: Alright, whatever, tell me when you get back, just deal with the guy however.
Aufeis says: Personally, he'd be dead already, if it were me. But whatever.

He said and Savannah nodded, "Indeed. Death to those that trespass."



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He looked at Travis with a drunken smile. "man you crazy..I been standing here all dis time, and Jail, That ain't going hold me foo" He chuckled as Travis kicked him, and limped away in pain."Also all this yelling, seriously quite down " He said looking at the man reaching down for his "weapon". "Eh Eh, just give me a drink, and Imma be gone kaaay? Damn it I really need a drink, whoever brought me here gun get it.


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I got pissed, "You are an asshole," I screamed and walked straight up to the black guy, "Do you think you have the goddamn right to just waltz in here and take what others struggle to keep? If everybody in the whole world was like you, you filthy drunkard trash, I'd kill myself."

I guess my stomach had had enough at that point, because it lurched and I ran for the bathroom. I felt Eredeth leave my shoulders and I sat inf front of the toilet and puked out whatever was left in my stomach. I hated mornings like these, I hated everything right now.

"No Jesse just calm down," I told myself and got ready for the next stomach lurch.

I left Jesse and I watched go and get sick, never have I seen anyone so angry that they got sick. I looked over at the boy Travis and landed on his shoulder, "You do not mind do you?"

(ooc: I will make the profile for this next character and post it on Jesselyn Linton. Look it up if you want to know more.)


I awoke in a strange place. I was in a cemetery of some kind. I smiled, the dead always make me happy. I stood and brushed myself off. There was a strange black road with moving creatures on it. I decided to leave that alone and I walked in the opposite direction.

I looked into my White Eye and saw the damned Dark Dragon Eredeth. He was in a house with a girl who resembled the Sacred Fire only with no fire scar on her face. I looked deeper and saw the place that they were to be near by. Without hesitation I headed in that direction, I needed answers.


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Travis sat back in his chair, not rubbing his leg. He still held his sword. "You want a drink? You want a god-damn drink, motherfucker? I'm pretty sure you cleaned us out man, now get the fuck out of the house."

Travis reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. I'll give you 10 seconds to get out of my house, before my fingers are dialing 911. Either you stay and the police get here, or you leave and the police get here. Either way I'm dialing."

Jesse's Dragon sat on his shoulder. "You don't mind do you?"

Travis didn't say anything. His mind was on the path of 'pokemon on lap, stranger in house, dragon on shoulder, what's next?'

Travis turned around and typed in a few responses to Aufeis.

SamuraiMaster says: He would be. I dun got no gun.
SamuraiMaster says: The guy's fucking drunk as hell too and still standing on two feet...
SamuraiMaster says: Story character? I believe it. I mean some crazy shit is going down over here.....and I got no video camera...
SamuraiMaster says:o hai dragon...
SamuraiMaster says: yeah my sister now has a dragon now for some reason...
SamuraiMaster says: I am now officially more weirded out than I have ever been in my entire any suggestions?

"Five seconds."

(Oh and I don't have a cell phone curse, so no breaking it lol)


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Hancock didn't enjoy the girl marching over to him, and using one of his least favorite words, but unlike some people he knew, she didn't repeat the world, so he let her slide, and just ignored her. That and he was extremely drunk, if he has been awake, he made have given Travis's a sister a stern stare.

"10 seconds, man all this over a drink!? Know what you a jerk." He said as burped again, the faint taste of alcohol in his breath. He stopped "Okay no what, your the asshole. You brought me to you house, then you won't give me no drinks, then you called the po po on me! You a sick lil man. I can sue you for kidnapping me!"


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I puked again and screamed from the bathroom, "You barged in here. You suddenly appeared, we didn't do anything!"

I groaned and flushed the toilet, "This is just what I need, a drunk guy yelling at me and the flu. God really has a sense of humor."

I heard the door break down upstairs, God what now. I looked and heard a voice call, "Eredeth I know you are here. That girl you are with, who is she?"

My stomach lurched but I didn't have time to throw up. I knew that voice too well, "Travis we need to get out of here now, with or without the black guy."

It was too late, down came my favorite bad guy from my book. There stood Knarak with an evil smile and a look of amusement.


I was not expecting my nemesis who had been killed three times to be here. Knarak was supposed to be gone for good, afterall when Anasyia killed him in the world above ours it should have shattered his soul...yet here he was.

I knew this was trouble and I quickly flew over to Jesse's shoulder and growled, knowing it was useless.

This is how I like the game, frightened players and the odds in my favor. This was going to be a treat.


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#, as written by Aufeis
I simply watched as SM's chat messages came across the screen. I laughed a little.

Aufeis says: You've got a dragon and a squirtle?
Aufeis says: All I've got is a hot blond woman.
Aufeis says: I'm jealous. ;D
Aufeis says: You have a webcam over there? I have one.
Aufeis says: Never thought I'd actually use it though.
Aufeis says: I dunno, I've had a dream like this once or twice. It's not so bad.

At this point, I looked at Savannah, "What is the meaning of this word 'hot'? Surely you do not imply I am of high temperature than normal? I do not feel ill." She said, taking a hand and putting it to her forehead.

"No, no, nothing like that. It's a slang word for...good looking." I said nervously. Damn this was awkward. I never thought I'd have to explain this type of thing to a woman like her. She set her armor on one of my dressers and looked at me, "Do I blend well enough now?"

I rubbed my chin a bit, "Well enough for now, but you still stick out if someone looked at you hard enough. I'll have to borrow some clothes from a friend. Of course, explaining the situation isn't exactly going to be easy." I said, sighing and leaning back in my chair. I had always wished for some excitement in my life. I wish I would have been more careful in wishing.

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Re: [OOC] Invasion of Fiction (Restart)

whoa whoa whoa, i was posting in teh old RP, so thats why i got no response, i stumbled along this by accident
anyways, i will tell my firends about ths too then.

yes to buisness then, Hey, i created a character Haru Glory, he is at 45% of his max strength, to allow his to grow throughout the RP, anyways, tell me him i need to fix something in the character portfolio,

Re: [OOC] Invasion of Fiction (Restart)

:) If I made her wake up in a park or something, would someone come and get her? :P Lol.

Re: [OOC] Invasion of Fiction (Restart)

Right know the Fictional Characters are coming into the Real World.

Many of us are playing the Real World versions' of ourselves. So Litria you could play-yourself, it's easier to get into the roleplay that way. They just appear, there's no vortex. They appear in random location's, usually waking up. Misa, can wake up in somewhere, I dunno lol.

Re: [OOC] Invasion of Fiction (Restart)

Uh, could one of you kind gents(or ladies, idk) kindly tell me what's going on right now in the RP? And also, how do the characters get to the real world? Can I do like a vortex thing? (Misa-Misa loves spiny rides. :D)

Re: [OOC] Invasion of Fiction (Restart)

Good to meet a fellow writer, especially someone related to SM. I am Aufeis, or Aufy if you prefer, and I'd like to welcome you to RPG. Have a welcome cookie?

*offers cookie*

Re: [OOC] Invasion of Fiction (Restart)

Hello I'm Jesse, Travis' sister, just showing that I'm here.

Re: [OOC] Invasion of Fiction (Restart)


Okay so my sister has taken interest to IOF, and has decided to join. Chulance, if she EVER comes into chat, I will not like you saying ANYTHING bad about her, and I will MOST DEFINITELY NOT approve of you calling her a bitch.

I'm being serious. She won't take much offense maybe, but I will because I am her damn brother. She is not one of the girls you like to refer to as a 'gangsta bitch' and I'd like you all to be nice with her as she is relatively new to the site.

I don't want her thinking she isn't welcome among us nerds of Heroes and Pokemon.

Also Chulance, she is going to be roleplaying as my sister, and she is bringing in one of her favorite fictional character she has been writing about in her spare time.

If any of you are interested in what she is writing, I am very sure she will be more than happy enough to show you what she has written via email or another forum topic.

Thank you for your cooperation. She is currently submitting her personal profile to the roleplay. And she might just be in chat later tonight.

-SM, NightWriter99's brother

P.S. Chulance, she is not a big fan of Heroes, so don't bother trying to recruit her.

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